Officially Ugly

Even by Kashmir’s rather cataclysmic standards, this is nothing short of a revolution – when it finally dawns on someone in the government that Srinagar is ‘turning ugly,’ and that someone says this in public. Whether the city is merely ‘turning’ ugly or is far past the benchmark can easily be decided by a five-minute […]

From the Horse’s Mouth

The Indian Army landed in Kashmir on October 27, 1947 to protect the life and property of Kashmiris. Nearly seventy years down the line, it is still doing this job, if only by protecting a small, privileged class and not the general public. Abdul Ghani Goni, a member of Jammu and Kashmir’s Constituent Assembly, had […]

Blood and Boycott

Distinctions will inevitably be drawn between parliamentary and assembly elections to explain partly the enigma known as voter turnout in Kashmir – an argument usually developed into either the “faith in democracy” or the “loyalty to the Kashmir cause” dogma, depending on which side of the dogmatic line has been calling the immediate shots – […]

Persecuting the Press

There have been as many as twenty-seven attacks on media-persons in Jammu and Kashmir over the past three years. This persecution of the press has also drawn a sharp reaction from the chief of the Press Council of India who wrote to the Chief Minister expressing dismay over what he termed as use of force […]

A welcome announcement

In a major announcement, the Supreme Court of India on April 22 set up a three-member panel to monitor implementation of road safety measures, including emergency medical help to accident victims. A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam asked the government to make available better medical facilities on an experimental basis […]

Rationed Government

With politicians busy in mudslinging and personal attacks in the name of electioneering, the code of conduct that came into force a couple of months ago to prevent incumbent rulers from using government machinery and decisions to influence the outcome of the ongoing Lok Sabha polls has come as a godsend for the administration, giving […]

Bey-Car System

Automotive aspirations in Srinagar have long crossed into the bounds of nightmare, mainly due to dreams woven by loan merchants and ad gurus across the Indian landscape – dreams transported into Kashmir by politicians commandeered to create illusions of progress on the bedrock of backwardness:  an art perfected in the subcontinent by the practitioners of […]

A New Reich?

The story could be apocryphal, its retelling here incomplete, and parallels in thoroughly bad taste, but when the Fuehrer finally proposed to Eva Braun to acknowledge her as his spouse, the Third Reich was a heap of ruins around Berlin, with the British, the Americans and the Soviets racing in to carve up a once-proud […]

Secret Talks

A statement issued by Syed Ali Geelani last week has evoked a severe reaction from Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. People, by and large, have started accepting the fact that unity between various factions of the Hurriyat Conference is not necessary. But at the same time they have made clear that making their differences public is totally […]

Imports and Exports

Ask people already associated with the industrial and manufacturing sector, particularly those privileged enough to be enjoying the blessings of the so-called existing industrial estates, and the consensus would certainly be that rather than entice potential political financiers with the juicy bait of nine estates apiece in the Kashmir and Jammu divisions, the NC-led government […]