When Jammu was painted red with Muslim blood, a Hindu lawyer played saviour

Survivor account SRINAGAR: When the city of temples and other areas of Jammu region were reddened with blood in October-November 1947, a Hindu lawyer, Advocate Lala Jagan Nath played savior and saved hundreds of lives. A survivor who narrated his daring escape from Katra paid rich tributes to the memory of the lawyer. Mohammad Shafi […]

Sheru Is Not On Facebook

The other day, a buchi Sheru knows rejected a marriage proposal. She had a strange reason: the boy had few friends on Facebook. And made it clear that she would not marry someone who was not social. In good old days, offers of matrimony used to be rejected on more concrete grounds. Parents would ascertain […]

Muhammad Ishaq Rafiqui

Like his brother Yahya, Muhammad Ishaq Rafiqui also took active part in the Kashmir freedom struggle and was jailed several times. “Whenever he returned from Java, he would engage in political activity and get arrested,” his nephew (Yahya’s son), Muhammad Yaqub, recalled during a conversation some years ago. Muhammad Ishaq’s keen interest in Kashmir affairs can be gauged from the fact […]

Ghulam Muhammad Jan alias Mama Jora

Ghulam Muhammad Jan alias Mama Jora was born to Muhammad Jan in 1915 at Hamambal, Khanyar.  After passing his matriculation, Jora joined National Conference in 1938. Jora shot into prominence during the Quit Kashmir Movement in 1946. The Viceroy was scheduled to visit Kashmir and was to be taken into a boat rally around Srinagar. […]

How to talk?

Notwithstanding the importance of the spoken word, very few people are acquainted with the art of conversation. In order to make an impression, people use such words which the listeners find too difficult to comprehend, thereby defeating the very purpose of conversation. The speaker has to bear in mind that the listeners (at times) may […]

Remembering Amin Kamil

Amin Kamil, the poet, the novelist, the researcher, the critic, the organizer, is no more. Yesterday ended a colourful and significant chapter in Kashmir’s cultural history. Gone is a special chapter in the literary history – the great decades long battle of ideas, of perceptions, of sensibilities between giants of Kashmiri literature – Rahi and […]

Khwaja Abdul Ahad Kanth

Khwaja Abdul Ahad Kanth did not believe in party politics. He had dedicated his life to the freedom movement without joining any political party. According to him, freedom-fighters were flowers in a single bouquet, who worked for a common cause. Kanth had a unique style of serving. He would participate in all programmes, irrespective of the […]

From 1947 to 2014

The people of Kashmir, by and large, contest the validity of the state’s Instrument of Accession, asserting that it was never signed. Assuming, for the sake of argument, the document’s legality, its terms assign a special role for the Indian army. Soldiers, according to its provisions, were to assume the role of peace-makers, or, to […]

Ghulam Nabi Hagroo – II

Unlike some of his colleagues, Ghulam Nabi Hagroo did not change his stand after the Indira-Abdullah Accord of 1975 and the subsequent decline of the plebiscite movement. In 1976, he publicly told Mirza Muhammad Afzal Beg to forget about power politics as it was “nothing more than commerce in human skulls.” During the conversation referred to in the first […]

Ghulam Nabi Hagroo – I

Born in 1930 into a chakdar-karkhanadar family of Sarnal, Islamabad (Anantnag), Ghulam Nabi Hagroo passed his matriculation in 1950 from the Hanafia School in his home town, and graduated from the SP College in Srinagar. After returning with a law degree from the Aligarh Muslim University in 1960, he was appointed Social Education Officer in the Rural Development Department where he […]