Women in Saffron Cultivation in Kashmir Valley

Women in Saffron Cultivation in Kashmir Valley

There is mounting or intensifying wage inequality among workers in the systematized, structured, and organized manufacturing sector (Galbraith, J. K., 2004). In addition, since the 1980s, there is growing or intensifying wage inequality between skilled and unskilled workers in developed countries, particularly the United Kingdom and the United States, and developing countries, predominantly Latin American […]

The Etiquettes (Aadaab) of Eating in Islam

Islam is a background for the illumination of the body and soulin order to develop a better Muslim way of life. If justice, evenhandedness and truthfulness are the lifelines of everyupright state, anarrangement of different manners or Aadaab are essential for the purification of the soul. Islam doesn’t make us aware about our different rights […]

Determining Factors of Investment and Returns in Agriculture

In the words of Priyadarshini (n.d.) investments and returns in agriculture, on the one hand and agricultural land use, agricultural developments, and cropping patterns, on another hand is a function (highlighting dependency) of a number of reasons which are social, cultural, political, economic, technological or methodical, and infrastructural in letter and spirit. Of these determining […]

Ramadan and its Socio Economic Implications

Ramadan and its Socio Economic Implications

Even though Ramadan is a time committed to fasting, the consumption and distribution of goods and services in general and food articles in particular offer substantial implication during this pious month. Ramadan carries many leitmotifs or strands that mostly have moral insights.During this pious month we ought to control our Nafs and do away with […]

On the Importance of Branding in Saffron Marketing in Kashmir Valley

The concept of sustainable development originated from Brundtland Report of 1987 according to which development satisfying the requirements of the present generation without compromising the requirements of the future generation is sustainable in letter and spirit. It is the allocation of resources rationally, pragmatically, and judiciously in order to maintain the ecological balance. The agriculture […]

Power of Face-to-Face Communication in the Modern World

When only two persons or a small group of people are involved in informal conversation or chatting when they come face to face, it is called face to face communication. When we talk to each other and see each other physically, we call it face to face communication. It is part of oral communication or […]

On the Causal Bond between Infrastructure Investment and Development Effects

Econometric models(Walters, 1968)allow us to estimate the long-run relationship between variables. The elementary awareness and understanding of Vector Auto regression(VAR) causality testing is that the past can influence the present and the future or past can cause the present and the future, but not the other way round and Granger causality covers this model. According […]

Understanding Development and Happiness in the Modern World

Economic development and happiness are beyond what is comprehended and perceived. The perceptions of economic development and happiness together with the allied terms and processes are witnessing changes in the contemporary world of Globalization, Privatization, and Liberalization. The world is demanding a more enriched and refined version of welfare and development which takes account of […]

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