Notes on the Silent Killer, the Modern Epidemic called Hypertension

VINOD CHANDRASHEKHAR DIXIT Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It can lead to severe complications and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and death. Primary hypertension, by definition, has no known cause but medical conditions and lifestyle factors can contribute to the development of secondary hypertension, however, with high blood pressure being […]

We Owe A Special Duty of Care to the Orphans and the Destitute. Let us. This Ramadan, Come Together and Be With Them!

BILAL AHMAD PARAY Since the turmoil of 1989 till date, this long period of 27 years has produced an army of orphans, widows, destitute and needy for whom many organizations were working tirelessly for their rehabilitation. They provide educational and financial assistance with other eatable kits to them. But keeping in view of the rising […]

And She Cried for Help!

SHAFKAT AZIZ HAJAM My mind is baffled, my heart is bulging with emotions and my eyes are full of tears. I am intensively glum what to write down about my own paradise where now a community of beasts is seen, fierce and insane, blindly in the quest of fulfilling their lust. I can write books […]

Don’t Take Internships Lightly!

Dr. Shahid Amin Trali A major problem that students face when they apply for entry level jobs is the lack of job experience. But this problem can be very much solved by taking an effective internship program. An internship is an official program that is offered by a company or an employer to the aspiring […]

Protect Children From Harm of the Internet

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit That Tik Tok stays banned is good decision and it badly affected society and children. Tik Tok, originally called Douyin in China, was launched in 2016 by Zhang Yimin, who is also the founder of Beijing-based news and information platform Toutiao. Tik Tok was brought to Indonesia in September last year by […]

Advances in Technology and Science Have had Paradigm Shattering Effects in All Domains of Life

Dr. Tasneem Mubarak Today, the 17th of May is celebrated as the Telecommunication and Information Society day all over the world to highlight the role of information and communication technology in different fields. Just a couple of decades back no one could imagine such a revolutionary transformation in the field of information and communication technology […]