Ashura Ban

Mercifully, reports of tensions and flare-ups coinciding with Muharram observance in Kashmir have been conspicuous by their absence this year, signifying a defeat for vested interests pursuing divisive and disruptive agenda. Disturbed by unsavoury incidents, mostly incited and engineered, marring this sacred occasion over the past few years, right-thinking and responsible individuals from all sections […]

Sleeping Over Suggestions

It has now become clear that the state government had slept over the draft Disaster Management Policy of 2011 prepared by the Department of Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation. Had the government taken appropriate and timely measures on the document, the devastation caused in Kashmir by the September floods could have been reduced significantly. Drawing attention […]

Sustain Solidarity

The solidarity that came to the fore during floods needs to sustain and percolate into other aspects of life for Kashmir to emerge as a truly caring and responsible society. Srinagar is still plagued by cluttered kerbsides and walkways constructed in most markets and thoroughfares at great cost to the public exchequer. In most of […]

Release Relief Consignment

  Even as flood-hit people in the Valley continue to suffer on one count or another, a large consignment of eatables and warm-clothing has been detained by authorities at the Jammu railway station who want Rs 27,000 as halt charges. The relief material has been sent by a voluntary organization from Bhopal, Biwani and Haryana. […]

Traders’ Plight and Indifferent Govt

Lal Chowk traders held a day-long hunger strike on Wednesday and warned the government that they will solicit help from other trade organisations in the city to widen protests if no step is taken to compensate them for the losses they suffered in the September flood. The strike shows their desperation and rage. Their attempts to get […]

Hindu Chief Minister

The demand for a Hindu Chief Minister for Jammu and Kashmir has been raised yet again – this time by former Flood Control Minister, Shyam Lal Sharma. According to him, successive Muslim Chief Ministers of the state have discriminated against the Jammu region and its `overwhelmingly’ Hindu population. Any individual with the required capability and […]

The JK Bank Debate

A new debate has been generated around the role of the J and K Bank in the state’s economy after a prominent UK-based economist recently questioned its privatization. Over the past many years, the Jammu and Kashmir government has slowly but studiedly diluted its stake in the Bank, giving a free hand to private members […]

Misplaced Confidence

By stressing that its mandate was to hold elections on schedule, the Election Commission of India had made it quite plain when visiting Srinagar after the floods that assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir would be held around the time they were ordinarily due. It had also made it a point to stress that the […]

All Is Not Well

A harsh reality about Kashmir came to the fore on the floor of the legislative assembly two years ago. Responding to a People’s Democratic Party memorandum for the revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members said: “We are in this House because the army is there to protect […]

Dusk Gridlocks

Long the bane of Srinagar, peak-hour traffic jams appear to have become more severe in post-flood days, particularly after dusk and in areas spared the attentions of the deluge, like much of the Old City and further down. The jams creep into interlinking roads, creating gridlocks that refuse to resolve for hours and hold thousands […]