Inculcate a Sense of Earning

Muhammed Hussain Sufi
As a career counselor I come across people from all walks of life. My job involves interaction with students as well as their parents. When a student completes his academics and is done with class 12thhe has to choose a course in which he would like to do his graduation. One usually relies upon ones’ o own interest as far as subjects are concerned. We often conduct a psychographic test or a SWOT analysis to find out the strength and weakness of the student. Based on the results we can suggest him a course in which he is likely to outperform rather than the other courses.
After class 12th even after class 10th everyone including uncles, aunts elder cousins, friends of parents come up with an opinion of what to do and what not to do. Suggestions are based on past experiences, and nowadays suggestions are based more on social media. Social media plays significant role in our decision-making; people take major life decisions based on the information available on social media. It is easy to manipulate minds by providing manipulated information. Colleges and universities can be seen using all social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp and other mediasto pull more crowds to the college. Figures of highest placement, average placement are exaggerated. Extracurricular activities such as musical concerts, celebrity visits are given more importance. Building and college premise is made with glass glazing and catchy, classrooms are filled with state of art infrastructure. Hostels are fitted with AC’s and TV’s.  Rather than highlighting faculty fleet and their achievements, this is what they rely upon. This bombardment of information from all corners has lead to confusion and chaos. When one has to choose an option, and the options are millions, decision is bound to delay. It usually takes more time to explore all. Decision-making has become a tedious task.
Coming back toe career counseling, and the topic I have chosen to discuss is  “The Sense of Earning”. The question is when shall one have  a sense of earning? Or even, is there a need for existence of this sense. It was important to discuss decision making before we could actually understand this issue. What is the primary purpose of study? Is it to get a degree? How many of our students are prepared to do a job after completion of this degree. Do they really have this in mind, “that purpose of this degree is to help us making our own livelihood, to making us independent financially?
While counseling students I have seen that not many students from this part of the world think that we are required to earn few years down the line. The reason for this is that nobody told them. They go on studying from class after class, give exams after exams, complete degree after degree. When they realize that they have to earn also, it is already late. By that time, parents are retired, they themselves are of marriageable age, however because they are not earning, they cannot marry. Who is responsible for this sort of delay in decision-making? The answer to this is “we as a society”. We have been blessed to have better income compared to the families elsewhere. This was a blessing but it has disabled us from inculcating the “sense of earning” among our own children.
Change is the only rule of world; everything,  every time keeps changing and there are no set parameters of our life to be smooth or predictable. In this unpredictable world, where we can be  a victim of a heart attack, cancer, or an accident anytime. Who are we leaving our kids to fend? Will our relatives come to rescue them from the calamity that may befall? No they won’t because they have their own families and their own involvements. Show your kids your belongings such as fixed assets including land, buildings or business after they start earning on their own or when you feel they are mature enough to comprehend those things. Let them know what they are going to inherit; this will prevent the property you have earned for them from going to wrong hands.
It is for us to create a sense of responsibility, ask them to set goals, cherish them when they get their degree, or get their first job, or start their own business. Do away with studies as soon as they can and develop sense of earning as early as possible. Unemployment is curse but it is not our government on whom the blame squarely falls. It is I as an individual and we as a society.
Let us develop a sense of earning in our students from the school age, let them work part time during studies in college, let them toil a bit, let them feel little angry. It is for their betterment. Do not fulfill all their desires; leave some of them unfulfilled, so that they struggle to achieve them. This little struggle will help them to fight big struggles later in life later.
Send less money if your children are studying outside. They will take outmost care of things if they purchase their dream gadgets, bikes, and cars out of their own earnings. It will also prevent them from becoming egoistic and arrogant, understand value for money. Have compassion for life. The outcome of it will be they will already be independent and ready to be interdependent.

—The author is a lawyer at High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and can be reached at and on twitter @sufi071

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