Derelict building, foul surroundings: state of primary school in Shopian

Derelict building, foul surroundings: state of primary school in Shopian
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Shopian: A government primary school for girls at Sheikh Pora in Memender area of Shopian district is in danger of collapsing but officials are yet to act on repeated pleas for constructing a new building. There are 25 little girls studying at this school.
The three-room building of this school is crumbling, with walls that have developed cracks at many places. But that is not the only problem. A teacher said that the school is surrounded with dogs, who come drawn to the animal bones that lie all around. The teacher said that many people of the village trade in animal bones, which they stock near the school. The bones emanate a foul odour which both students and teachers have to suffer. The presence of the dogs poses danger to the girls studying at the school.
Teachers said that the student roll had come down due to the lack of facilities and the condition of the school building. They said that there are only three rooms for class work as well as office and also for the kitchen, where midday meals are prepared.
“We wrote hundreds of applications to the higher authorities but no step has been taken by the government all these years,” said a lady teacher posted at the school.
Students of the school complained that there is only one washroom, which both students and teachers have to share. They said that due to the lack of space, the office room is being utilised for kitchen and library purposes.
Teachers said that the old kitchen room has been closed as it is unsafe and the students have no place to have their midday meals.
Chief Education Officer, Shopian, Muhammad Mushtaq told Kashmir Reader that his office has proposed the construction of a new building and he hoped that the funds will be released soon.