Negligence at Many Levels is Making Us Lose Our Water Bodies

Lone Hilal 
Allah has created life on Earth. We are already aware, that life is dependent on water. Allah has made this Earth beautiful than other planets. Availability of water on Earth has given its importance and possibility of life. Without water existence of life is impossible.
Since ancient times, when human life was purely natural, rather than dependent on man-made materials there was no concept of air pollution, water pollution, Desertification, Global warming and so on.
Science and technology came with a revolution in life of human beings. It came with its own advantages and disadvantages. On one side due to technological innovations, productivity of crops increased due to application of better kind fertilizers and pesticides and cross-germinated improved seeds. But conversely, due to applications of these fertilizers and pesticides, water gets polluted  making  our drinking water sources unsafe and a  threat for the lives of marine life.
As  human life became totally dependent on technological man-made things people carrying necessary items in polythene bags or sellers selling products in polythene bags  are seen. After usage of these non-disposable items are thrown into our water sources or on open places. Despite a  ban on the  use of these polythene bags and throwing these at public places, their usage continues unabated.
Similarly, due to the addition of carbon monoxide into atmosphere , there is  global warming.
In J&K, river Jhelum  flows through the  city of Srinagar. People throw their waste  in it. Our Dal lake and Wullar lake are losing their depth and purity due to  addition of undecomposed materials into these.
Thus, we need to protect our environment by saving our water sources. Like Americans, we must carry a bag to become independent from polythene. Waste should be collected at some dumping sites, where municipality can collect easily and dump at safer places. Water sources should be protected from addition of fertilizers and pesticides. Industries functional at the banks of water bodies  and industries adding its waste to water sources should be banned. We must save our environment, water sources to save  the present and  future generations from epidemic diseases and to tackle scarcity of water. If we couldn’t take any initiative, we may lose every pure water sources

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