Muslims in J&K deliberately marginalised: Tanvir Sadiq

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday said Muslims of the State are “deliberately being marginalised, excluded and pushed to the wall”, and that the party will resist any attempt aimed at altering the pluralistic fabric of Jammu & Kashmir.

Addressing a series of workers’ conventions at Khoshalsar and Gilikadal Zoonimar in Zadibal, party leader and political advisor to Omar Abdullah, Tanvir Sadiq said, “We are not communal nor do we believe in communal politics, but even a secular party like ours which believes in ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Itihad’, which has historically united these groups under one banner cannot remain silent under these abnormal conditions that seek to alter and redefine politics of the State.”

Holding the BJP responsible for employing different yardsticks in contravention to its ideology for “no appeasement”, Tanvir said, “BJP ran a campaign in the country saying that anything done in favour of the minorities is a move to appease the minority and embed religious separatism in children’s mind. They left no stone unturned to oppose and castigate anyone who would talk about the welfare of minorities in the county. But in Kashmir, the minority appeasement has become a hallmark.” “In connivance with New Delhi, this is being done through administrative tools: right from the influential and powerful post of the Governor to district SPs, Muslims are being shunted with these powerful positions being given to outsiders,” he said.

Tanvir said Muslims are at the receiving end despite constituting a majority in the State. “It is undreamed of that in a state with 70% Muslim Population we have just one advisor to look after their affairs. Is this fair?” he asked. “We are not communal and we don’t believe in segregation on religious lines but people will ask such pertinent questions when everything done here is allegedly & apparently done on religious lines,” he said, adding, “This is an inconceivable condition in other states like UP, Maharashtra, MP etc where it cannot even be imagined to have Muslims holding top posts in the administrative machinery.

If there is even of hint of these in these states, then the BJP will cry hoarse and call it minority appeasement but the dynamic changes in Jammu and Kashmir where it is minority appeasement in actuality because of the state’s character as a Muslim majority part.” “When it comes to Kashmir everything changes,” Tanvir said. “Kashmiri Muslims are not being trusted. All important institutions are now headed by non Muslims, how will this work and how can anyone justify this. How do you expect normalcy to return when you don’t trust the locals?” he asked. Decrying the incumbent administration’s