On Success and Being Successful

Er Rouf Maqbool
As John Keats says it “A thing of beauty is joy forever”;  so is success. Success, even if momentary, is joy and pleasure.  Success carries in it the thrill and magic power to follow it on the paths that are sometimes not trodden and undreamt of. It  has in it a driving force that enthralls to continue the struggle tirelessly even after harsh setbacks and downfalls. It is an impetus, a force, a power that drives humanity after it. It is not uncommon to see people chasing their dreams only to embrace success.
Success is a personal state of mind. It is the first goal we tie on to ourselves and the  mission we want to accomplish. It is the purpose and it is the goal. Hard work is the seed and success is its fruit. Success is a goal and an end in itself. It is an achievement and an accomplishment. It is the joy and contentment after a hard days toil. Success is progression and it is  transformation.
It is the ability to never give up when you face a failure. It is to get back up again when you fall down. Knowing that in the toughest of the times we have the greatest opportunity for growth. Success is never to accept failure. Haven’t we seen, a little tiny ant while fetching its food falling and slipping in its way a hundred times but never giving up, never accepting failure and carries it bit to its hole anyway (the biggest lesson of smallest creature to humanity). This is called failing forward rather than backward. You learn and move forward. Learn from your failure and keeping going. There is a saying; it is the test of fire that makes the finest steel. Failure makes you even more stronger and next time it becomes easier. . To others it is recognition, good health, good family happiness and satisfaction. This essentially tells that success is subjective.
However what I feel is no definition can express it all and no word can fathom the true measure of success.
My success is my ability to rise above my limitations. It is my ability to transform myself into a joyful human being. My success is my ability to discover my true self, the hidden treasure and genius I am blessed with when the divine hand touched me. My success is to explore the greatness within me and the power to manifest that greatness. Success is to include everyone in your success. If my success is limited to myself, it limited to me. If I include everyone as a part of my success, it becomes universal. That is the real success and real celebration. That is the way my success become significant and I become significant. My success can’t be beneficial to me only. Unless everybody benefits from my success and participates in the joy of my success, my success is superficial.
I wonder how my success can’t be like the sun that burns itself, but gives life and warmth to the entire universe. Like the air and the water that flow in abundance, ever giving and ever available to all.  Never have i seen the sun, the water and the air protesting that they have given enough or have contributed much. They give that we may live in ease and abundance.  What a success and what a standard of success!
For me success isn’t about how much money you make it is about how much difference you make in people’s lives. There are three principles that have been guiding my life all along and that I have learnt from my parents whom I value the most. I have learnt about dignity and decency. That how hard you work matters more than how much money you make. That helping others means more than getting ahead yourself. I have learnt about honesty and integrity. That is,  the truth matters. That you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules. The success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square. I have learnt about humility and gratitude. That there are so many people have a hand in my success. From parents to teachers that inspired me to all the people who supported me throughout the life have a hand in my success. And I respect and value their contribution.
Do not try to put up a recipe for success. Real success happens when you use yourself to your full potential. It does not matter whether you become a doctor, engineer, politician, or whatever; success means you are living your life to your full potential.  Once you have come as a human being, the potential of what it means to be human – all the dimensions of who you are – must be experienced. Only then would I say you are successful. In everything that you are doing, if you are absolutely one hundred percent, you are successful no matter whatever the result.

—The author can be reached at: rouf.maqbool@gmail.com