Private Schools Are Dickensian in their Approach. They Must Change their Exploitative Behavior and Work for Public Good

Aashiq Hussain Itoo

The private education sector is largely absorbing the unemployed youth in its lap to inculcate education to the would be torchbearers of society and because of the scarcity of jobs due to inefficient maladministrative circulars and the long gestational periods to recruit human resources. Moreover, employment notifications become subject to the litigations and grab dust in the cupboards of court systems thereby minimizing the exploration of talent in prime. In such a landscape of maladministration, post-graduates from reputed universities find refuge in teaching in privately aided institutions.
There are “beautifully cruel” and pinching paradoxes inherent in the spectrum of private schools. Firstly, a private school is run by a businessman who only knows the mathematical principles of addition, subtraction and dividing profits. There is a scale of mathematics dangling round the necks of hired teachers and admitted students to confine to the codes of commerce thereby leaving the socio-psychological side of themselves to winds. Second, the supervisory staff is recruited to work as the department of espionage and act as “technical modem” for management though supervisors have a different road curriculum to tread on. There are well -defined guidelines for an efficient supervision. They are duty bound to filter the teaching stuff, inspect the uniform code, maintaining the documentary work, restricting anyone to enter the class while teaching including himself. Herein, supervisors peep through the holes when the teacher doesn’t allow him to go for multiple -entries into the class which amounts to uneconomic use of time as well as unhealthy perception in the psyche of students.
Moreover, supervisors need to know that they are not authorities to a teacher; rather a teacher is authority to them as he experiences the ground -zero platform of students which no one else can perceive with a judicial eye as the teacher can. This is the reason Governments across the world don’t recruit supervisors in education departments as it penetrates into the esteem of teachers. In the private spectrum, they are “hired spies” who always feed the stomach of management with unhealthy stuff which in the long run detones the tone of an educational essence of an institution.
Unveiling the other side, private schools charge a hefty amount of money from parents and satisfy them with worthless statement of marks which never depict an accurate x-ray of his ward. He is made to believe the unbelievable as the authorities in concern with them are glib- tongued and trap them in their capitalistic trickery. A student who pays three thousand a month in a tenth standard is still given a mammoth and copious amount stuff to memorize and then have it vomited of it in an exam hall to scale -up the percentage at the cost of his utilization and unexploration of faculty of creativity, reasoning, judgment, analysis and criticism. He is crafted as a horse who is curtailed of all the scenarios outside and is made to be a memory card. So the students turn a liability on the families as they develop all these intellectual faculties very late when they grow too old to compete and deliver.
Now the need of the hour is to introspect and overhaul this fractured system to make it student and teacher friendly as they both constitute the vehicular traffic of teaching -learning process.

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