UP Govt paints Haj House in Lucknow with Saffron colour

UP Govt paints Haj House in Lucknow with Saffron colour

The Yogi Adityanath led government has painted the Haj House in Lucknow- the Uttar Pradesh capital- with Saffron colour, IndiaToday reported.

The Haj House in Lucknow, used by Muslims as a transit place on their way to pilgrimage in Mecca, is now saffron in colour by removing the green-and-white exterior wall of the Haj House.

Opposition parties and Muslims has objected to the move, and accused the government of a deliberate provocation by raising religious sentiments.

“Since assuming power in March last year as state Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath has pursued his “saffron” agenda, quite literally. He began by getting his office – the Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawan – in the same city painted saffron. The various booklets and posters issued by the Uttar Pradesh government’s public relations department and ministries these days have elements of saffron on its pages,” IndiaToday reported.

Even the towels on the chairs he sits for meetings or conferences is saffron. The 43-year-old BJP hardliner himself is always seen in saffron, and is referred to as Maharaj ji by his followers.

The painting of the Haj House into saffron comes two days after the Yogi government ordered the madrassas in his state to reduce the number of holidays on Muslim festivals, and remain closed on Hindu festivals too, it said.