First-ever ‘India International Cooperatives Trade Fair’ to commence from 11 July

NEW DELHI: Aligning with the Agriculture Export Policy 2018, which aims at doubling the agriculture export and integrating Indian farmers and agriculture products with global value chains, the first-ever ‘India International Cooperatives Trade Fair’(IICTF) is going to be held in New Delhi from 11 Jul to 13 October.
The fair is being conducted with the support of Network for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives (NEDAC), three ministries, four state governments and several apex levels Indian cooperative organisations.
A large number of Indian and international cooperative organisations are expected to participate in this three-day event. The trade fair is aimed at promoting cooperative-to-cooperative trade within India and abroad, leading to enhanced rural and farm prosperity.
The fair will be packed with conferences, exhibitions, B2B meetings, C2C meetings, sales promotion, marketing and products display business, networking, policy advocacy, etc., providing an immense opportunity for the industry and business houses from India and abroad to build alliances, business networking, product sourcing and above all, interacting with the primary producers of a wide range of products and service providers.