On Doctor’s Day

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit

The World Doctor’s day that falls on 1st July is an opportunity to raise awareness about the doctor’s role in our daily lives. Doctor’s Day is the time to pay tribute to the entire medical profession. It is a special and an ideal opportunity to remind people of the critical role doctor’s play in our lives. It is also a time for doctors to reflect on their own careers, realize their responsibility they bear and redirect themselves onto an ethical path of healing those in need. It is the day we celebrate the selfless service of doctors and their huge contribution to the medical advancement.
. The concept of ‘Family Physician’ is more or less extinct. It is imperative for both patients and doctors to work together on re-establishing some of the lost trust, and truly, there could be no better day than Doctors’ Day to reinforce the unique relationship between the doctor and patient. Reverence for human life and individual dignity is both the hallmark of a good physician and the key to truly beneficial advances in medicine.
Doctors play an important role in our society. When you get ill the most important person in life is the doctor. A doctor performs diagnosis and treatment. He cares for the patient and keeps them well. It is not enough just to pay the bill or says “Thanks” for doctors are the life saviors who strive tirelessly to cure the ailments of the patients. Doctor’s Day is the perfect time for patients to acknowledge the high-pressured job and appreciate their doctor’s ability to comfort and heal.
It is observed that doctors are more often the victims of criticism while their successes are overlooked. No doubt, it is a fact that the medical profession carries a heavy responsibility with it, but people need to understand that behind the white coat and stethoscope is a normal human being and like in all other professions, doctors too need appreciation for their work and efforts. The value of medicine and doctors in human life is crucial. We cannot battle diseases and illnesses without medicines.
The patient trusts and places his life in the hands of doctor. On many occasions, the patient discloses confidential information to the doctor which he/she might or might not have discussed with his/her spouse or family member. In no other profession does the individual place so much trust and faith. The doctor is, therefore, duty-bound to have a higher level of moral code of conduct than those in other professions and must understand that he/she is in a very privileged position.
Let us honor their work to help mankind thrive by being healthy and disease free.

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