The Danger of Climate Change is Real. It’s Time to Take it Seriously

Rohool Banka

In Jammu and Kashmir, we have witnessed the major disasters like floods that affected the thousands of people and made them marginalized and poor. Forest-land ratio is declining, glaciers are melting and the groundwater is decreasing, but due to many reasons, these issues are not discussed and put in the spotlight. Small scale industries, that used to be the main source of livelihood, are vanishing day by day due to the imposition of foreign innovation and technology. And the sad fact is there is no concrete data available on these issues. And obviously, because of this reason, there are hardly any initiatives.
As we know, Jammu and Kashmir is located in the Himalayan Mountains which corroborates the fact that it is an ecologically sensitive region. So it is obvious, any kind of development should be done strategically with the consideration of natives who understand the nature of the region. That could lead to sustainability in the region. There is dire need to create the courses related to small scale industries and add and important aspects of climate change and sustainability in the curriculum. The Board of Education should unanimously pass a resolution on climate change and climate justice into the curriculum at all district schools. People have to be aware of the real threat of climate change that is inevitable and is disastrous.
Programs that could encourage civil society and NGO`s and should allow them to work on the issues that are human-centric and related to sustainability should be developed. If the region does not invest in these areas, time is soon to come when there will be tempestuous disasters like floods, pollution, non-communicable diseases.
Peoples responsibility is to force these issues and add the human-centric issues in their agendas and manifestoes that are must for human development. The time has come, we need to change the discourse and fight for issues like climate change. It is high time to stand against the threat that is unstoppable. We need to accept the fact that climate change is real and we all need to take it seriously!

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