India’s employment rate declining: Prof Awasthi at CUK

Srinagar: Prof. I C Awasthi from the Institute of Human Development, delivered a series of lectures on “Employment Scenario in India” and on research methodology to the students and research scholars of the Central University of Kashmir (CUK) at varsity’s Green campus fromJune 27 to 29.
The theme of the first lecture was “Employment Problems in Developing Countries”. He said that even though the developing economies have shown some sort of growth, but that growth has not translated into growth in employment opportunities. He added that the increase in employment shouldn’t be at the cost of investment, otherwise it would hit our long run growth.
The second lecture was on “Unemployment scenario in India”. Prof Awasthi said that “India’s employment rate has been sharply declining.” “On one hand almost 1.2 crore people are joining the job hunt in India annually and on the other hand there hasn’t been any significant creation of job opportunities,” he said.
The third lecture was on “Scientific method of Enquiry for conducting research”. Overall emphasis was on essentials of good research starting from effectively identifying and formulating research problem and ending with interpretation of results. He also laid emphasis on the critical evaluation of the existing literature. He said that in a qualitative study, the data should be collected until the voice of entire population is reflected in the sample.