SMC’s sanitation prog reaches schools

Students educated about solid waste management

SRINAGAR: Special target sanitation programme ‘Vishesh Swachchta Abhiyaan’ initiated by Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has reached schools to educate students and sensitise their behaviour towards environmental welfare.
The SMC in a statement on Thursday said, “Today, two back-to-back educational sessions were taken up at Government Higher Secondary School at Gund Hassi Bhat, where a special educational team of Jammu and Kashmir Sahara Foundation – an IEC partner – was tasked to aware and educate school going students about the prevailing challenges in Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Srinagar City.”
“We are triggering the inner feelings and motivating the students to ignite in them a spirit to be a part and parcel of various cleanliness campaigns and missions,” Project Manager IEC Sheikh Ahsaan Ellahi said in the statement.
Few students have been identified and enrolled as special ambassadors of the sanitation programme to evoke behavioural change in citizens, SMC said.
The programme aims at sanitising the city and involving students from different schools to participate in the active and coordinated action, SMC Commissioner Khurshid Ahmed Sanai said.
Vishesh Swachchta Abhiyan was kicked off on June 13 in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Sahara Foundation, in the Central Municipal Office, Karan Nagar.
The programme is expected to conclude on June 28 with a “persuasion, motivation and substantial” efforts to improve cleanliness in Srinagar City, SMC said.