Internet Blackouts are Annoying and Irk People

Azad Hussain

As the internet facilitates almost every service online to subscribers, this technologically developed twenty first century where the people of whole world are densely connected through the network of mobile internet, leading a challenging and fast life at par with the people of other countries and states, demands continuous and uninterrupted facility of internet.
Whereas, on the one hand, internet connectivity works as a life line for the people on this date, however, on the other hand, in Kashmir, the story is entirely different. Frequent Internet blockades irk the people. In Kashmir, you do not happen to experience full uninterrupted service for a week, generally . Snapping mobile Internet services is the first step, which the government calls the law and order precautionary measure, taken immediately after every tense situation prevails in the valley.
Whenever you come through the news that something untoward has happened and you try to confirm the news by opening mobile internet, the message which flashes on your mobile display reads, “as per a government order, the internet service in your area has been temporarily blocked”, However, not in detail but it gives you a clue about some tragic incident.
Though the internet remains shut in all the parts of Kashmir valley during the days of untoward circumstances, but t south Kashmir remains affected more due to the frequency of arising troubled circumstances and people suffer a lot.
It is the right of every one to use internet irrespective of the region, religion colour and creed they belong to. So frequent cuts in internet which stops customers from availing its basic services is not less than snatching a right from the common people.
Nowadays internet plays a key role to carry out almost all business activities. So snapping internet hampers life in every dimension, be it , e-banking, communication, registration for different services, examination preparation by students, booking tickets and so on. Everything stops when the mobile internet is stopped. This stoppage of services pushes life of native people back by the time internet remains off. it is difficult for the native people to live life and show progress at par with those who live outside the valley, hence, we lag behind in every respect.
(One fails to understand that why on one hand people are made to suffer for internet services for most of the days in a month, on the other hand why telecom companies loot subscribers by charging the huge bills for those days too during which the internet remains off)
If the administration has a compulsion to maintain law and order and keep any type unfavorable situation under control, they can’t do it at the cost of subjecting one and all to the hardships by snatching their right to use basic services of internet. If you think someone would spread rumours, you can’t make all people hostage by stopping them from availing service as a whole.
No doubt, broadband service is kept available during every kind of situations but most of the people are not in a position to install much expensive broadband services. Mobile internet can use every poorest of poor but broadband service is the luxury enjoyed by only the upper classes. It is then in the nature of an imperative to devise measures wherein common people are not deprived and starved of internet services.

—The author is a columnist and a teacher. He can be reached