On Awareness: The Post-Modern Savior of Ideal(s)

Rameez Bhat

In this competitive era of reaching to certain temporary targets a person goes through myriad hitches and bulwarks , whether existential or practical. Deliberating upon the mushrooming of counseling centers by the state administration, or any private institutions and many other things of the valley, where students are given a mark and space to cut through the multiple steps to ease (supposedly) the goal. This is the most vulnerable phase in the building of an individual when he is caught between the devil and the deep ocean (sea seems too little a metaphor here) as students are aimless whether to cross onto the left or right side of career marks. When the same collective apprehension turns ugly, a student after an intermission of some years goes all round in blaming everything of this wandering course. The two distinct phases that stand-out in determining or deciding the future trajectory of students, the senior secondary phase and undergrad phase.
Without any doubt , a nation’s fate is dependent upon these two phases of an individual. Why do we often see the students stuck in these formative years when they should have no duress to choose their ‘way of life’? The reasons are multifarious: from parental pressure to financial constraints. Earmarking and scaling every stumble-block that throws up in this transitioning process awareness can alleviate and also let the students to sift through chalks from the cheese.
These days , when academia is becoming a parallel state in terms of its functioning what they want them to, in this suffocating academic environment the awareness part is just hurled out of the student empowerment. Thwarting this and blacking out on student’s reason and dissent leads to a society of suppressed and that sometimes in the prism of radical praxis leads to organic intellectualism in students.
Let’s talk about the University of Kashmir as an institution of repute in considering its role and existence is concerned but most of the debates of aimlessness and dejections stems from the same institution, be it in the form of regressive academics system or fossilized and incompetent custodians of teaching and research.
Coming to the role of state in awareness part of guiding students towards their prospective and perceptive course forms a quintessential link in as providing wide range of options to students in selecting their approximate or exact preferences. Getting rid of these unawareness things then we must try to understand the problem which lies onto the highest authorities of the state. The solution of the problem is not to treat your people as ‘others’ rather treat them as resources to optimize, so that they can explore their abilities in a best way for the betterment of the society.
For guiding students, employees, farmers, even every member of the society in such a way were their interest lies awareness forms the basis of their progress and reasoned actions so that they can excel better in their fields. That’s why awareness and the consciousness should preferably be the need of the hour. To get a proper guidance for any field one who guides should be much aware about the respective field thus making it necessary for the state government along with the non-governmental organizations to aware about the importance of awareness and consciousness of their respective fields.
When unawareness prevails, in the darkness of that unawareness all kinds of fruitless things enters into the ones lives. For anything awareness is the master key which unlocks all the locks of existence. Awareness means you live moment to moment, alert conscious of yourself and all that is happening around you, in a moment-to-moment responses.
A person is a mirror image of his/her domain, but what actually they need, they need an awareness of the certain things, how they can get that kind of awareness; it’s like the same thing when Pythagoras reflects the role of understanding that is the reflection, whatsoever act is born is right- that fits in any situation. A young student is not enough aware; what is a good or bad decision which he takes or he has taken, but if a guide is well aware and reads a mind of the person in need ; he/she may provide him/her an of information which suits his/her personality. While Buddha said; if the light is on in a house, thieves avoid it, if the watchman is awake, thieves will not even try, and if the people are walking and talking inside, and the house has not fallen into sleep, there is no possibility for thieves to enter or even to think about it.
Same is the case with the different people belonging to different genres of categories in which they thrive or have been in a stunting mode. If this deprived section of society is given the right awareness in the right time than there are least chances for them to get failed in the role which they play towards their field of interest. In the end only our light shows us the way towards the path we are walking on.

—The author is a student of Kashmir University. He can be reached at: ramizspeaks77@gmail.com