Man killed in explosion near Congress MLA’s residence

Man killed in explosion near Congress MLA’s residence

Bengaluru: A man was killed in an explosion at the posh Vyalikaval area near the residence of Congress MLA Munirathna on Sunday morning, police said.

“A crater has been formed at the place where the explosion took place. A person has been killed. A blue plastic packet was also found at the spot. Our investigations are on,” Bengaluru police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar told reporters after inspecting the spot.

The area was cordoned off after the incident and sniffer dogs deployed.

Two forensic experts rushed to the spot following the explosion and collected some material, police said.

They said it was premature to arrive at any conclusion till the forensic experts submitted their report

Munirathna said it would be wrong to jump to any conclusion until the police investigation was complete because it would give room to unwanted rumours.

“Let us wait for the police investigation to be completed,” he added.

The MLA said he knew the family of the deceased.@PTI