On the Outrage Over J&K Bank Results

Mufti Jameel Farooq

On 9th May, 2019 the Jammu and Kashmir Bank declared preliminary results of Probationary Officers, the examination of which was held on 23rd and 24th of April this year. The result which the Bank declared on Thursday has come as a shock to many aspirants as the bank has made its selection on the district-wise basis, which although J&K Bank had already mentioned in their recruitment notification of October 2018.
Now, from last two to three days we see social media abuzz about the selection process for the mains examination and J&K Bank PO preliminary result has become talk of the town, many aspirants from Jammu declare the result as sheer injustice because of the district-wise cut off merit list, as the district cut off merit has highly varied from district to district, as per social media report the cut off merit score for Jammu aspirants has fallen around 60/100, while as for Srinagar and other districts it is dropped around 42/100. Now this merit has caused an extreme outrage among the aspirants especially for those who belong from the Jammu corner.
But having an objective and realistic approach one fails to understand why do these aspirants come on the streets and stage protest against the J&K Bank PO result, when it was already mentioned in the notification that the said bank would make its recruitment on district basis?
Secondly, we must digest the fact that the thought of making district wise recruitment was a wise and an intelligent decision of the Bank as most of the districts of J&K state are so far-flung that the aspirants belonging to these districts have limited sources to fetch high quality coaching from the best coaching centres unlike the other district aspirants who are far ahead than the rest and can afford besides having accessibility to highly advanced coaching centres with which they are expected to score high in the examinations.
Take the example of Gurez, Tulail, Dawar, and so on which fall in district Bandipora but have least resources to qualify IBPS exams because such hamlets do not even have access to mobile coverage nor has any mobile telecommunication laid its foundation there as of now. The other examples are Karna, Kargil Ladakh and Lech which too are far-flung and remain cut off for almost six months due to heavy snow, for aspirants like these it’s no less than idiocy to compare them with the candidates who are highly equipped and armed to qualify any examination because of having quality drilling and trailing centres at their door step. And for every Tom, Dick and Harry it would be sheer injustice to compare them with candidates who belong to far-flung and remote areas.
Now considering all the above facts, the J&K Bank PO preliminary list seems fair and fools proof and there seems no disbelief and unfairness for which the candidates who could not make it to mains need to come on streets and stage protest against the sais result, which would yield nothing than wastage of time which otherwise can be spend on something worthwhile and fruitful. However, I’m well acquainted about the fact that failures cause setbacks by which one loses confidence, but we must keep in mind that ‘FAIL’ means, first attempt in learning.
I wish all the aspirants best of luck who could not figure in the J&K Bank PO mains selection list and they must bear in mind this is not the end of the world and in the coming time they shall get more and more opportunity which will be far better than this one and by END, we mean an effort never dies. Best of luck to either aspirants!

—The author is a writer and a social Commentator. He can be reached at:  Mufti.jameel97@gmail.com