Man, as Protector of Woman and her Carer, is No More. What Remains is a Beast

Arbeena Altaf Bhat

It’s so grievous that no man is left now and the species of men is extinct. We can find some dumb and deaf of them hovering at the doors of hope and justice but can’t open them. But with this extinction there has been seen the vigorous phylogeny of another group which in form is similar to that of male species but named as “Hellion”. It’s a barbaric litter, a demoniac kennel. These smutty creatures have 360° rotating eye balls even over a shy mother and their budding daughters. They’ve no courage to tie their laces and make their mothers do so. Needless to say , these unanimous devils have no control over their sanity.
The catastrophe is growing enormously endemic and there’s not a single drug discovered yet to banish it from its roots. Nobody is having strength to put a bit in their mouths and rein them.
If I had the authority, I would have desquamated each of them from head to toe and then incinerated them so hellishly that nothing would’ve left of them. It would’ve been so that any budding criminal if ever sprouts there would tremble by only hearing this before even brining any hellish thought towards woman in mind.
PS: All the foregoing was just to define the wilderness of criminals; there was no intention to of accusing any group. I apologize for being so uncontrollable!

—The author is pursuing MBBS from Iran. She can be reached at: