FUTAK calls for remedial measures to halt such crimes

Srinagar: Federation of University Teachers Associations of Kashmir (FUTAK) – an amalgam of the teachers associations of the University of Kashmir, Central University of Kashmir, IUST and SKAUST-Kashmir – has strongly condemned the heinous rape of a three-year old minor girl in Sumbal, Bandipora.
A spokesperson of Federation in a statement termed the incident as a big blot on the face of humanity and a serious threat to our social fabric.
Federation has expressed serious concerns upon the fast deteriorating cultural ethos, moral values and social fabric and has called for intensive introspection, appropriate efforts and remedial measures by all the stakeholders and sections of the society to halt such crimes in future.
Calling for an exemplary punishment as per law to the perpetrators of this horrendous crime, the spokesperson called for thwarting of all overt or covert attempts by any individuals or groups aimed at protecting the culprit on the pretext of his age, sectarian allegiance etc and has called upon the enforcement agencies to take appropriate and adequate measures to ensure fast delivery of justice and institution of some deterrence against such horrible crimes in the society.
The Federation has demanded setting up of a fast-track court in this case for speedy institution of justice to the victim besides a suitable compensation to the child.
“It needs some concrete and purposeful response from all stakeholders towards rebuilding the value-system of our society that we have otherwise been nurturing since ages. We have to shun ignorance and naked materialistic approach in our day-to-day approach,” FUTAK said.