Allama Iqbal’s(RA) Great and Utmost Respect for Hazrat Fatima(RA) and Her Noble Life

Allama Iqbal’s(RA) Great and Utmost Respect for Hazrat Fatima(RA) and Her Noble Life


Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal (RA ) the poet, philosopher, and thinker in one of his poems pays huge respect and tributes to the Daughter of Holy Prophet Fatima Zahra (RA ). In Iqbal’s view, Fatima (RA ) was an ideal woman whose teachings and pious life must be followed in letter and spirit by the whole of Muslim Ummah. Iqbal (RA ) is of the view and strongly believes that the noble life of Holy Prophet (SAW) is the best guide for both men and women but the necessity and importance of the woman guide cannot be ruled out.

Hazrat Fatima Zahra (RA ) was born in Makkah eight years before the Hegiraa. She was brought up under the fostering care of her great father, the greatest teacher and benefactor of human kind. It was her father’s guidance and teachings that made her extremely cultured sympathetic and enlightened lady in world history. Fatima Zahra (RA ) was the most beloved daughter of our Holy Prophet (SAW).. Once our Holy Prophet (SAW) said to her, “O Fatima Allah (SWT) will not like a person who displeases you and Allah is pleased with a person who wins your favour”. Iqbal (RA ) very much impressed by her noble character. In Ramuz-I- Bekhudi, Allama Iqbal (RA ) describes very beautifully and honestly her noble character and pious life.

The few of the verses of the said poem are: is hallowed in one line alone, that she bore Jesus; Fatima in three. For that she was the sweet delight in him’; Who came as mercy to all living things, leader of former as of latter saints, who breathed new sprit into this dead world? Iqbal (RA ) says that Hazrat Maryam (AS) is worthy of respect and reverence in only one respect that she is the mother of Prophet Isa (AS). But Fatima (RA ) is worthy of reverence in several respects. First, she is the daughter of Holy Prophet (SAW), second she is the wife of Hazrat Ali (RA ) (The lion of Allah), and third she is the mother of two great martyrs of Islam, Hassan and Hussain (AS). , when our Holy Prophet (SAW) was in Masjid-e-Nabwi surrounded by his companions, Fatima (RA ) arrived.

She (RA ) implored her father to lend her a servant who could assist her in her house hold works as she that time have health complications. Besides that she had to look after her children, doing strenuous duties of grinding corn and bringing water from a distant well. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for a movement was moved by her pleading, but repressing his emotions He (SAW) told her that “My dearest daughter! I cannot spare anyone from among those who are engaged in the service of Ashab-e-Suffa. You have to bear the hardships of this world in order to get the reward hereafter”. Fatima (RA ) went back, very well satisfied with the answer of his father and never sought any servant during her lifetime. Iqbal (RA ) strongly believes and was of the view that the noble life and character of Fatima (RA ) is not only the complete and perfect model of Muslim women, but to the whole of womankind.

The worthy and noble character of great personalities of Islam Hussan and Hussain (AS) is enough to prove the high moral character of Hazrat Fatima (RA ). In Iqbal’s view it is the mother who is responsible for instilling in her children good virtues and manners which is the proved fact with the example of Fatima (RA ). In Iqbal’ s words: the character of Holy children from the mother, the essence of truth comes from their mother. Hazrat Fatima (RA ) tendered her father’s (The Prophet of Islam) wounds in the battle of Uhud. Fatima (RA ) accompanied Holy Prophet (SAW) during the conquest of Makkah and also during his farewell pilgrimage towards the end of 11 AH. The holy and noble life of Fatima (RA ) is worthy of respect, honor and emulation.

She was always very kind towards the poor and needy. It is said that once a man came to the door of Hazrat Fatima (RA ) who was in need of some financial help. But at that time she had not a single penny at her disposal but in order to help him despite that she sold her only shawl to a Jew to get the money to help him the needy person. Hazrat Fatima (RA ) when grind flour in her home, the verses of the Holy Quran were on her lips. To Dr Iqbal (RA ), Fatima (RA ) knew it very well and set an example for the whole of the humanity that there is no correspondence between unlimited human wants and desires and limited means of satisfaction.

This is the reason that there were no problems at her home because she knew how to live with meager means of livelihood. But today if we look at our homes, this sense of responsibility and satisfaction is missing in our women be they our sisters or mothers. The majority of our homes face economic crises which results in disruption of peace and progress of our homes. But if we want to grow, prosper and want to live a happy and calm life our women should learn to live like Fatima (RA ).

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