Late clearing of city garbage raises stink with residents

Late clearing of city garbage raises stink with residents
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Srinagar: Sanitation workers who collect garbage from the city’s streets in different areas are coming late to work these days, which causes impediments in early lifting of refuse. Due to the delay in sanitation procedures, the garbage remains unlifted up to late hours across Srinagar city
Due to the delayed work of the sanitation workers of the Srinagar Municipality Corporation (SMC), heaps of garbage that collect each day by the roads are not lifted in time, which results in garbage piling up in different areas of the city, including at Eid Gah, Kak Sarai, Saki Daffar, Khanyar etc.
The foul smell emanating from the garbage adds to the miseries of people residing in the affected areas and it has become a perpetual source of various health ailments and infections for the people.
“At about 7 am each day, a vehicle comes and cleans the bins and roads which are filled with garbage. After that, at about 10 am, sanitation workers throw the garbage and fill the bins again, which start producing a musty smell,” said an annoyed resident, Abdhul Qayoom
The transport fleet of the corporation is performing its assigned tasks satisfactorily, and the vehicles are being noticed in the field, but due to the late start to the sanitation staff’s working hours, garbage is still pilling on the roads.
Pedestrians are unable to walk freely without covering their faces with handkerchiefs.
“The garbage is open, and people are not able to walk on the roads. Our loved ones are catching infections day by day; look at GB Pant Hospital, how many kids are being brought there because of severe infections. In summer, it creates more problems,” said a group of shopkeepers near the facility.
SMC Chief Transport Officer Ghulam Hassan Sofi told Kashmir Reader, “In order to regulate the smooth regulation of SMC transport fleet and early lifting of garbage from secondary collection points, we will gear up the sanitation staff for early cleanliness of roads, streets, surface drains etc, and ensure early collection of garbage. The SMC vehicles will lift the same for final disposal of solid waste at land fill site Achan and will restrain the sweepers from late dumping on the roads,” he said.