Constructive Criticism Can Be Useful and Important in Fundamental Ways

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Criticism can be taken as an instrumental thing to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Normally people often criticism over usual activities of people and they are not bound to do so but in some specific areas of human endeavors, the form of criticism can be done in a highly specialized and technical way.
To criticize someone does not necessarily “to find fault”, but the word is often taken a kind of misnomer to find fault but it means to check out the actual progress of someone’s life. Often, it involves active disagreement with the activities and progress of others but criticism is an exploration of the different sides of someone’s activity or progress.
People often take criticism as something unpleasant, but there are friendly criticisms and people find a great pleasure in it and this kind of criticism can be taken as constructive one.
Constructive criticism is a kind of evaluation and interpretation which helps an individual to change his weaknesses into strengths.
If there are weaknesses whenever they come under someone’s constructive criticism then it must be taken for granted to overcome the weaknesses to change it into a constructive one as it helps to shape the future , to orient misdirected goals and to achieve positivity in life.
If criticism is used from an academic point of view, on experimentations and observations new things and ideas are created and this helps the students and readers to develop a new ideology so this kind of criticism lays a solid foundation in different branches of knowledge and information.
Personally I experienced the fact how constructive criticism works: on ewe of morning assembly a student from 6th class namely Yumna Jabeen criticised me openly in front of 500 students and 30 teachers about not taking the class in scheduled time. As an administrator and owner of the school I took that a bit shamefully but I pondered over the situation in gravity and took it as challenge and started to focus on all school matters. This infused in me new energy , enthusiasm and helped me to work positively, this resulted the school to function in a better and flourished way.
On the other hand when I got on toes everybody in the school whether teachers or students they have also changed their gear in active and constructive way and nowadays our school looks like a leader in excellence and quality education among competent schools of Tral. This has all happened when I took the criticism in a positive and constructive way. On this progress , I awarded the said student who has taken a good note of me to change all the system in constructive way.
So upon receiving criticism, don’t react urgently, it can burst your temper unconsciously, making roll your eyes or sighing, but try to do your best to change all criticism into constructive one . This will help to check your profession or work into fruitful and useful way.

— The author is a PhD scholar from Kuchmullah, Tral. He can be reached at: