Highway toll tax unjustifiable: RTI Movement

Srinagar: Terming toll tax levied by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) on highway as unjustifiable act, Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement on Wednesday demanded that the order be revoked. In a statement, chairman RTI Movement Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat said that NHAI is looting resources of J&K for peanuts while as same authority gives four times more compensation to affected people in other states of India.

“The affected people from Lasjan to Qazigund who land has been acquired for construction of new highway NH 44 have been looted by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). Not even market rate of the land has been provided to them especially around Lethpora, Barsu, Mir Bazar, Vessu and many other villages.

Now same authority is demanding toll tax from people which is not justified at all. Even in Jammu people are being denied market price of land for Ring Road by NHAI,” said Dr Raja Muzaffar He added that in view of small landholding in J&K, NHAI was supposed to acquire land on much higher price in J&K “but they have even influenced the local officers and we are forced to sell land to them on meager rates”.