Naqib hits out at Modi for ‘corrupt no. 1’ jibe at Rajiv Gandhi

Srinagar: BJP’s top brass has lost its mental stability, the Congress leader Irfan Naqib said on Sunday while reacting to Narendra Modi’s “corrupt number 1” jibe at Rajiv Gandhi.
“After sensing their defeat in the ongoing elections, the BJP top brass has lost its mental stability and are indulging in cheap remarks,” Naqib said in a statement.
“The remark reflected Modi’s uncontrolled madness. The Prime Minister, who asks for votes in the name of martyrs,insulted a virtuous man and his martyrdom,” he said.
Naqib further said: “The people of the country will give Modi and his BJP a befitting reply. People of this great country does not forgive deceitful people like Modi. History is going to record the name of this pseudo nationalist in black ink for all his sins against the nation.” He added: “Modi’s remarks is a result of frustration and fear of losing the Lok Sabha polls.”
The Congress leader said Rajiv Gandhi’s legacy lives on as India prospers. “A true visionary, he was responsible for the technological revolution that continues to be the reason India is one of the leading countries in information technology. Understanding the aspirations of the people, he committed himself to ensuring his policies improved the lives of the masses. He strengthened the panchayats so the decision making could be decentralisation at the grassroots,” he said.
“His unparalleled work on liberalisation, investments, privatisation, tax reforms, deregulation and measures to control inflation formed the foundation for economic reforms pushing the Indian economy to a strong path of growth. The so-called nationalists of the BJP have pushed the country backward during last five years,” he added.
Naqib also blamed the Election Commission for failing to act against repeated slandering by the BJP leadership during the ongoing election campaigning.