NC rejects allegations levelled by PDP leader Mehboob Beg

Srinagar: The National Conference on Saturday rejected the allegations levelled by PDP leader Mehboob Beg and said that a person like him personify the absolute detach, shamelessness, and lack of moral integrity of PDP.

In a statement, party’s provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “Beg is the last person to deliver sermons to other. He lacks the moral disposition to point figures at others. The new found messenger of PDP at times forgets that he was part and parcel of the successive NC led governments from 1996. He is the same person who represented NC in legislative council and parliament.

“Owing to his filial tendency of debauchery and political bankruptcy, he has chosen to malign a party, by levelling false allegations, to which he owes his political existence,” Dar said.

Dar added: “He is the same person who once flaunted that if Mehbooba Mufti divulges to him what ‘self rule’ is, he will pay her a note of Rs 100. However, it seems after crossing the fence, he has chosen to forget his past assertions, which used to be loaded with rhetoric against Mufti’s. Now he is doing the same from other side of the fence. People fail to understand which of his assertions are right; the one he made against Mufti’s when he was associated with NC or the one which he is making when serving PDP. People don’t give an ear to his assertions. He was the minister of health in DFarooq Abdullah led government, responsible for every decision that was made by the government then, today we see him chose not to speak on that.”

“Today we see him level unsubstantiated and baseless allegations against our party. Why didn’t he do it when he enjoyed various lucrative portfolios in the NC led governments, or when he was an MLC and MP because of NC. An unappreciative person like Mehboob Beg, a typical case of political waywardness cannot absolve his party (PDP) from the plethora of miseries that it unleashed on the people of Kashmir. He cannot help Mehbooba Mufti wash her hands from the wrongs she committed on people, especially on the people of south Kashmir. Apologists like Mehboob Beg stand no chance to absolve Mehbooba of her misdeeds and wrongdoings,” he said.

The spokesperson said that Mehboob Beg lacks the moral disposition to raise fingers at NC. “Today we see him singing on the tunes of those who destroyed the special character of our state. It was late Mufti who in his capacity as the lieutenant of Sadiq was equally responsible for destroying the special status of our state. Today we see Mehboob Beg eulogize those who got Jagmohan to Kashmir and presided over 18 massacres in Kashmir. Today we see him in the rows of those who enacted AFSPA in Jammu & Kashmir.”

“Isn’t that the same Mehboob Beg who used to rebuke Mehbooba Mufti for not raising the issues of people of Kashmir in the parliament? People know Mehboob Beg for his flip-flop politics, opportunism and political waywardness. It is no surprise to see him adulate those who gave platform to BJP in the state. We never saw Beg speak for the people of south Kashmir when torments were unleashed upon them,” he said.