Notes on the Irrationality of Reservations


With the passage of time it is an imperative that we must move from the developing to the developed condition. If we talk of development many things come to our mind, such as development will eliminate poverty, employment chances will get increased, our villages will come out of the backward list, there will be same development for everyone whether rural or urban. Hence development is directly proportional to the comfort of people. Those who can must make strategies for the welfare and development of the people. If the development process is made more robust, the list of backward areas will get reduced and when this list is getting shortened that means areas are getting developed. But, in fact, this list is increasing day by day. Is this the failure of administration or something else? Recently SAC (State Administration Council), which met under the chairmanship of state Governor Satya Pal Malik approved inclusion of 66 more villages in the list of backward areas.

It is quite perplexing where we are heading towards. We are not developing the already existing backward areas to curtail that list but due to lack of development we are adding to that slope. In addition, it was also announced that people residing in such areas will get reservations in jobs and education. There will be a special quota for people residing in these areas. It means people living in other urban and rural areas are in prodigious loss. Two questions arise here, that if government is doing developmental works how can they at the same time declare a place as backward. Is development directly proportional poverty? Second, if backward areas are increasing and people residing in these areas are getting special reservations, then isn’t this injustice with the people living in other rural and urban areas? My point is not against the reservations but by getting reservations in jobs and education we are not able to adore the facilities of modern world.

Why the administration is not developing the villages in terms of education and other facilities and to shorten the already present list. By getting the tag of backward area, yes we are getting some assistances or reservations but we are not getting developed. When we are getting developed then there is no need of reservations because by development new and plentiful jobs will get generated. Already the list of backward areas is too long and as these are totally undeveloped;, in fact certain areas are lacking the key facilities like water, roads, electricity and primary education. Even, certain areas are not easily reachable through public transportation. These areas need to be developed to at least deliver them minimum possible facilities. In addition to this, by providing special reservations our education system will be the sufferer.

—The author, a research scholar of Botany at Jiwaji University, Gwalior, can be reached at: