On the Menace of Russian Poplars and the Miseries Causes by Their Pollen

Mohammad Ashraf

With the advancement in agricultural sciences new breeds and varieties of plants have been introduced. The new varieties have capability of good production and reproduction. These varieties have also disease resistant properties. Among these new varieties of plants our valley has been introduced with a new variety of poplar called Russian poplar. This variety has a property that it grows longer. Moreover the plant grows taller within less span of time hence proves beneficial for the grower.
In our vale we do have a great demand of poplar wood. The wood from poplar is used for making boxes .These boxes are used for packing fruits. Over and above we use poplar wood for construction purposes. It’s also used for firewood. Hence growers are inclined towards its plantation on a large scale.
In the spring months the pollens of Russian poplars create havoc in our vale .The pollens of this tree are like that of cotton fibres. They cause severe ailments of the chest. The older people and young babies do suffer a lot from these pollens. They cause respiratory ailments among the masses. The people suffer from allergies of the chest, nose, throat ,eyes and so on. The throat gets infected and eyes get ruddy. Those who are asthmatic or those having chronic respiratory problems get their problems aggravated because of exposure to these pollens. These pollens even enter the households. The OPDs in hospitals are seen swollen with the patients with respiratory ailments.
No doubt on numerous occasions the pollen induced diseases took toll on many lives.
Besides the plantation of these plants on the banks of water bodies cause impediments in the flow of water. They squeeze the water courses. Moreover they do enhance the rate of vaporization hence lessen the amount of water from the water bodies.
The administration from time to time issued orders and circulars for the chopping of Russian poplars in the vale .The growers were told to cut down the Russian variety of poplars. Even advertisements regarding the unwholesome effects of Russian poplar were broadcast through print and electronic media but the process was left mid way. The orders were not implemented fully. We do still witness grooves of Russian poplars erect in each nook and corner of the valley. It is high time for the concerned to awake from the dormancy and take stringent steps in eradication of this menace. Apart from this the growers can be persuaded to plant the other varieties which are environment friendly so that the common populace can heave a sigh of relief.

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