Unshackle Yourselves from Sterile Conventions: An Open Letter to the Youth

Ashraf Amin

Dear Youth
Let me remind you that Allah has created you free. You can have your own decisions, your own goals. You can choose the career of your own choice. Don’t succumb to the petty notion that failing in one’s endeavors lowers one’s worth. Remember struggle is life and despair and giving up is death itself. Evade this notion now that marks and grades are the test of reputation and intelligence. Come out of such shackles and chains. Explore your creative potentials. The obsession of grades kills your potential, strangulates your talent. Rise above the grades, scores and marks. Excel in your own area of interest. Your life is yours; let no one impose his/her choice on you. Let courage and boldness be your weapon. Work on yourself. Break the social taboos. Turn the tables over. Defeat the thoughts of despair. Rise high and rock on.
How cowardly it is that you allow the suicidal thoughts to pervade your mind on the simple pretext of your failure or scoring low in any of the subjects? Does your journey stops here! No. There are many milestones to overcome. When nobody can read on your behalf, how can anyone decide your future? The role of parents and teachers is indispensable but it is not overriding when it comes to make your choice for your career.
Take your time. Sit for a moment. Explore yourself. Locate your area of excellence. Commit yourself to the realization of your dream. Get up and reveal your dream to all and one. When you trust yourself, none can undermine your strength. No one can orient your capability in the wrong direction. Love your well-wishers but voice out the inner voice of yours. Do what you are good at. Let money and luxury lure you not. Happiness is when you live up with your actual dream. If your parents and teachers fail in realizing your interest, get up and announce your goal yourself. You will be happy only when you are happy with your career.
May Allah be your savior and helper!
Yours Sincerely

— The author can be reached at: ashrafamin121@gmail.com