The Ongoing Saga of Hardship of the Erstwhile SSA Teachers

Altaf Ahmad

Despite the historic decision came in favour of the erstwhile SSA teachers under governor’s rule, these teachers and masters are facing troubles from the last few years. A SAC decision came with a hope for those nation builders but it left out two sections one SSA Head-Teachers and undergraduate teachers. It came good for graduates and above ones only but the administration at higher levels have separated these in two more sections. One section received the new orders under the tag of Teacher grade II but teachers who have enhanced their qualifications for the better of department are still waiting for their orders to come. These enhanced ones were asked to get bona fide certificates at their respective universities but the process of conversion has not begun yet. The Administration at higher levels is playing dilly dallying tactics to resolve their genuine problem. A deadline from administrative levels was promised to the respective unions who have fought tooth and nail from years to get this rightful demand fulfilled. This Conversion of Teacher grade II was started in the month of February and were given a deadline upto 31st March 2019, but still thousands of teachers are in trauma due to non Conversion into Grade II teachers. The administration is not serious about such left out SSA teachers and the process in higher offices is moving at a snail’s pace.
Moreover, for the undergraduates who were left out from SAC decision, no concrete policy or order came in their favour. This segment is also facing hardships in everyday life due to the behaviour of education department. The administration till date doesn’t bother about such teachers and remains silent or playing dilly dallying game. It is a matter of grave concern that these teachers are also in trauma from long time as the governor administration didn’t take any fruitful step to resolve their issue by absorbing them in the state budget. So, for those teachers are concerned, they are not behind the former ones. This section has worked hard in far flung schools to uplift the education standard or unlock the locked ones. They too are regularised decade before as General Line teachers under SSA scheme but are poor victims of the administration. The government should prioritize their genuine issue which is their due right and should come with an order to help this lot. Both the sections left out and Teacher grade II are without salaries from last four months The Finance department has once in the month of January 2019 approved the salary bills upto February 2019 but this salary is missing till date. Nation builders are facing salary crisis and are humiliated in the society. How much time they have to wait for their wages, for which no can deny them to stop from this due right.?
Furthermore, one more section is SSA Head-teachers who were once a part of state budget but SSA scheme victimized them. They are SSRB recruits as teachers but promotion as master made their place in SSA scheme which victimized them after a long time. SAC has not provided them any space in the decision on account of which this section gets in trauma . They are wandering from pillar to post by their genuine voices. It seemed that there is deaf administration at higher levels that does not hear their rightful demands. The governor administration is still in confusion regarding the issue of SSA Head-teachers who are without salaries from last five months and failed to come with a concrete policy for absorption in substantive posts. This section too didn’t receive their due salary from months and still begging before the deaf administration.
Apart from these already regularised ones, there are still thousands of unregularised ReTs who are waiting from years to get their regularised order with regular salary. They have completed their 5 years temporary service before but till date no one in administration heasr their voice. They too are part of SAC decision but there process of direct conversion to Teacher grade II are not started and no favorable decision has come in their favor yet. They are mere receiving 3000 per month that too, after a long gap. This is mere injustice for those nation builders who utilize their important time and best services and in turn face hardships.
Now the present administration should pace up the process of all the created sections of single nation builder on war footing basis and redress their genuine right. The nation builders shouldn’t be given the chance again to come on roads and parks. The administration should come out immediately with an orders to resolve all issues and release pending salaries without wasting so much time that can relieve them and use their services in classrooms without any stress. It is a matter of great concern and should be prioritized to resolve their genuine demands as early as possible.

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