The Onus for Reversing Moral Regression Lies on Society

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Mufti Jameel Farooq

A father has always acted as guardian of peace for any family. As a matter of fact, a father holds a permanent place of respect and regard in every household, and our religion has gone to the extent of describing a father as the door for paradise.
The father who would bury the baby girl once alive in pre-Islamic era has now crossed all the barricades. During that era, out of ignominy and shame a father would soil his own child in the Arabian deserts, but now in 21st century, he does not bury her alive but exploits physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.
I remember an incident at Darul -Aloom- Bilalia, in 2012, where I was performing my Ahtiqaf during Ramdhan, when Mufti Abdul Rasheed broke down while delivering sermons, the jurist in connection after long pause narrated two incidents, the first about a girl who had called the Jurist for a decree, imploring and insisting to find any way where a suicide can be permissible in Islam. Since there stands no room in the Islamic Jurisprudence where any Mufti or a Jurist can turn it permissible so he had forthrightly denied and demanded the cause behind her suicidal thoughts. Much to the surprise of Mufti, the girl in contention narrated her ordeal and said she was being victimised by her own father for a very long period of time and she further had added that she does not find any way to come out of this agony. The jurist, had replied to the dupe, who had become the prey to her guardian to narrate the same ordeal to her mother, on which the girl had answered back that she had done that already and her mother had replied, “ I’m rendered helpless.”
In the second incident which Mufti Abdul Rasheed narrated the girl had become the victim of her own brother, and her own brother had been exploiting her physically and mentally.
When such these occurrences happen most of the people blame irreligiousness, and assert that only people who are far away from religion can do things as such but much to everyone’s surprise many of such episodes have been found happening in the religious institutions where the perpetrators were none else than the teachers who provide the religious teachings. The two such incidents which are on record are from Sopore Baramulla and Naikhai Sumbal where the so called Islamic teachers did not even leave the kids who were enrolled in the institution to serve the Islam in the future. Many such cases which took place in these institutions got buried without proper hearings.
Now the question that arises is: if religious teachings make us disciplined and principled than why do these occurrences occur in the religious institutions too? Who is to be blamed for this moral degradation in society and who shall clean the dirt when so called cleaner is also part of the filth if we put off his veil? And who can come forward for teachings so that the already degraded society won’t get degraded further. These are questions that demand answers.
To be candid enough, the Bandipora incident has not dazed me personally as I already knew that many such unsavory elements are part of our society. I rather felt the victim ought to be appreciated and encourage for stepping forward in revealing the true colours of her father because of whom her elder sister was forced to swallow poison. The offender who hails from Bandipora is not testimony to the fact that such incidents can take place only in remote areas and metropolitan zones would be far away from it. We should take it as alarming and be ready to fight against it. We should encourage our girls and make them confident enough to step forward and speak about it which otherwise remain in the shrouds thus encourage the perpetrators to enhance their wings.
Furthermore, society has to accept one thing that the persons who offer five times Namaz or does other obligatory things have not got any license or degree of being well character or morally well built. In the recent past it was observed many wrongdoers were attired in religious cloak.
Now, the question is: what needs to be done to stop this filth? The answer is not far away from us: on the individual level we need to bring change and encourage the victims to step forward and talk about it. We must not consider it dishonorable and disgraceful which can malign our repute and status but as the detergent which will clean stains in the society.

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