Bogus Voting: KR reporter assaulted at polling booth

Bogus Voting: KR reporter assaulted at polling booth
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SRINAGAR: Kashmir Reader correspondent was assaulted by a mob while covering polling in Srinagar parliamentary constituency on Thursday at a polling booth -91 Sultan Mohalla, Mir Behri, Bud Dal. Correspondent Junaid Bazaz said the booth had been overtaken by polling agents and supporters of a particular party, while the poll and security staff were being intimidated.

The poll staff was silenced into submission inside the booth, and their queries about the identity of voters responded with threats.

The ire turned towards Junaid as some of the men suspected him of shooting the incident on his mobile phone.

Junaid was rescued from the mob by the CRPF personnel.

At least six men grabbed Junaid by the collar and attempted to trample him, before he has rescued by the paramilitary personnel.