Khalida Shah appeals party cadre to vote for NC, Congress to defeat divisive forces

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Srinagar: The Awami National Conference (ANC) President Begum Khalida Shah on Tuesday directed all rank and file of ANC to vote for the candidates of National Conference in Kashmir division and Congress candidates in Jammu and Ladakh divisions for Lok Sabha and ensure to defeat of divisive forces hell bent upon dividing Jammu and Kashmir on regional and religious basis.

“Kashmiri Culture of Hindu Muslim Sikh unity is under threat,” Khalida Shah said, according to the statement issued here.

She called upon all secular forces of the state to get united on one platform against those forces threatening removal of special provisions of Article 35- A and Article 370 enshrined in the Constitution of the country and guaranteed by the forefathers and parliament of new India in 1947.


“Do you want a headless India,” asked Khalida Shah.

She further added that it was the guarantee of the builders of modern India which included Sardar Patel and Dr Shyama Prasad Mukerjhee , responsible for introducing Art 370 into the constitution and were the members of the team specially constituted by Jawaharlal Nehru that drafted the Kashmir case for the security council.

“Modi, Amit Shah and Arun Jatiley will have to accept this reality of Kashmir and stop misinforming the Nation for vote bank politics ,” she said.

She further said that no one can scrap Art 370 and 35 A, which binds Jammu and Kashmir with the Indian union. “What Kashmir needs today is a peaceful resolution of the vexed issue trapped between two warring nuclear powers. Hounding of political adversaries with NIA, Public Safety Acts, Income Tax raids and closure of National High Ways are futile exercises,” she said.

ANC Chief further said that her party was the driving force in uniting all political and civil society groups in the state for protection of Art 370 and 35- A in Supreme Court.

“Now it will be our top most priority to field a credible and an honorable blend of youth and experienced persons as representatives of people of the state in the forthcoming legislative assembly elections . They have to ensure protection of Art 370 and 35 A along with restoration of state laws as they stood on 9th Aug 1953. We are committed to achieve this goal with a unified strategy for all the three regions of the state, by stitching an impregnable alliance,” she stated.