Innocence Lost: Bandipora Case and the Dark, Subterranean Side of Society

Innocence Lost: Bandipora Case and the Dark, Subterranean Side of Society
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Adil Rashid Bhatt

My mind becomes numb when I recall the images of the ghastly rape of a daughter by her father at Bandipora. I am not in complete senses, after I have lost them on hearing this soul searing news, to weave a poignant lamentation on this latest manifestation of remorseless bestiality by a Muslim father on his own daughter; even my strong instincts refuse to believe this story, but for how long can I assume or dismiss the gruesome truth as yet another hearsay or rumour? I don’t know why but I just want to abandon this ephemeral world, and migrate to some distant star or planet to live in peace, where I would not have to come across such dastardly cum soul cringing stories that cast gloom over the vulnerable environs of my frail heart.
The present day unfolding activities around us present the seamy side of society. I pull a long face after getting abreast with such situations. This might not be the first case nor it would be the last one in our part of the world. Ignominious incidents like these are likely to be brushed under carpet and not reported at all, due to fear of social stigma attached to such opprobrium, because in most of such cases, worldwide, it is the close dominant relative who either takes advantage of their opulence or coerce the recessive into submission to quench his fetish. In some parts of the world ,as reported by international media, it is the dominant gender that is targeted by the recessive one due to the discrepancy in age; so the male child is exploited by a female to satiate her lust. So such cases galore without any control in sight, and without any age bar and gender specificity; but in majority of the cases it is a male who is the culprit.
The opprobrious Bandipora case has brought to the fore the dwindling moral values of our society. The society that has already been torn apart by the perpetual bloody political conditions is now let down by such dishonorable cum horrendous crimes; recently I came across a video on Facebook where a mother was wailing over molestation of her daughter at the hands of a quack disguised as peer sahab who had offered his miraculous therapy to cure some ailment of her. We need to remain vigilant of such charlatans. Normally when anything bad happens with a girl people blame her for not dressing properly and bad character without actually have a whiff of the tragedy; even her parents are labelled as reckless for not keeping a strict vigil on her, but which God will one plead before when her own pervert father reincarnates in the form of a diabolical debauch marauding her chastity to smithereens and scripting eternal doom for her with his own profane hands. This is what exactly the culprit allegedly did to his daughter at Bandipora. The victim, at the ebullient age of twenty seven, as per news reports, committed suicide by consuming poison, after failing to restrict or stop her pervert father, possessed by Satan of profanity, from pillaging her immaculacy. Such outrageous mischief orchestrated by some megalomaniac psychopaths might be accepted or overlooked by some societies of the world ,but in our world, the Muslim world, it is out rightly a sacrilegious act which invites nothing less than capital punishment. The accused in this case deserves capital punishment. Such animals have no place in human habitations. Not once, twice or thrice this animalistic father was a perpetual offender who had made it a sort of unrelenting addiction to outrage modesty of his oppressed daughter.
His crime that is in nature of unfathomable brutality seems to have no parallel in our part of the world, and deserves as much lamentation, grief, mourning, and curse as we could. Words fail me to express my anguish ,and grief at the same time, at this woefully inhuman intransigence. Even animals do know and identify their own and at times sacrifice their lives for them to protect their honour, their territory ,their sense of belonging is much appreciated than ours, but here a trusted one has torn apart the fabric of trust, sacred relationship of father and daughter, and human compassion. For those whose chastity was outraged by forces of assorted hues during the ongoing armed rebellion against the India rule we curse the unsolicited presence of jackboots of assorted hues in Kashmir. Where will we go now; which door to knock on to plead our case and beseech for justice for this beleaguered daughter of Bandipora?
We were outraged when the Kathua rape murder victim was prowled upon and extinguished by some bigoted maniacs; are we equally outraged on this ignominious tragedy that has just exploded in the wailing vale blowing apart a trusted cum sacred relationship of father and daughter? We must be ,we ought to be, we owe to be. We can’t discriminate between these two daughters. Both were oppressed and their life extinguished forever by the beasts in guise of humans. The moral turpitude that is discreetly marching in and entangling our societies neck and crop needs to be relegated to our stringent vigilance and daily assessment. We owe our dear ones our love, respect, dignity, care, good upbringing.
Such mishaps smacks of loss of a childhood and parenthood at the same time, and reeks of our indifference towards an upright society, to which we owe our responsibility to make it a better one by constantly reviewing its social health keeping vigil on antisocial elements. Wake up before such maniacs script rank and ruin for our societies. And our world ends in smoke fiasco before our eyes. Law on its part needs to take the bull by horns and give such criminals a wide berth, so that they kick the bucket in some squalled dungeons of prisons.

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