Every vote that is polled for PC, PDP will go to BJP: NC

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Srinagar: The National Conference on Tuesday expressed dismay over the lowering political discourse of People’s Conference saying that PC is setting new records in using derogatory, insulting, crude foul language in view of imminent defeat.

While censuring people’s conference for stooping too low in its discourse, senior party leader and former speaker Mubarak Gul in a statement said, “The frustration that both PC and PDP is beset with is the manifest acceptance of defeat by them. Our leadership has always maintained the level of discourse, even while addressing our arch political rivals. We never leave the ambit of civility. People have shown them door in the Baramulla constituency, and Srinagar is all set to trounce them in the forthcoming poll day on 18 April. People have rejected their false propaganda, and made it a point to rally around the flag of NC for the protection of our special status and identity.”

Gul said that people are aware of the contribution of NC and its leadership and no passing the buck can help both PDP and PC absolve itself from the role they played while sitting in government with BJP. “The level of their frustration is visible from the fact that they are distorting historical facts to grind their own axe. However people have made it a point to not fall prey to their shenanigans,” he said.


Gul said that people are privy to the role played by PC-PDP combine in providing platform to BJP to fiddle with states special status. “Had they not hobnobbed with them, things would have been much different on the ground. We never saw them throw tantrums when our youth were attacked upon; we never saw them raise any voice for the protection of Art 370, Art 35 A when sharing power with the BJP. On development front the PC-PDP combine had out rightly discriminated against Srinagar. Now it is the people’s turn to show them their right place. In Baramulla their obnoxious propaganda stand rejected. Now the people of Srinagar have made it a point to follow the suit and throw them out. People know that every vote that is polled for PC or PDP will go to BJP,” he said.