Odious Instincts and Crimes: Who is Responsible?

Odious Instincts and Crimes: Who is Responsible?
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Muttaqi Naik

While I am writing these lines, I cannot control my tears; the reason is known to most: what happened a day before in Bandipora, is damaging and alarming every aspect of our life. What I am going to tell you is what a civilized person can’t say, but am having no other option but to say that a father made her own daughter victim of his oppression for three years and finally our sister committed suicide and in this way she ended her life and became part of the dark history of Kashmir.
We are living in such a part of world overall conditions are unsavory, to say the least. But unfortunately the native people living within the region have fallen victim to odious instincts. I don’t want fall in the discussion of what the so called father did. I want to mould the attention of every of person whose eyes are on these lines; he may be student, a columnist, a teacher, a preacher, a lawyer, a doctor and every person who has a well working brain and functional heart in his body. The simple question I want to ask to everybody including me is: Who is responsible for this odious crime?
We are living in a society were majority of the people are Muslims, and being thus, we are taught/guided at every step of our lives. Islam doesn’t leave any chance of these ugly and brain alarming events. We have many organisations working on different aspects of Islam. We often do see gatherings of different Islamic organizations; our ulema on Friday sermons discuss many issues. What makes me to weep is that our Islamic scholars are busy in discussions on the issues which have secondary, rather tertiary place. These basic issues should have been main focus in Friday sermons, in our gatherings. Let’s see how much ethically we are trying to uplift the morale of our society, how our scholars preach work in ethical domain.
The society, as a whole, should boycott culprits who are committing these evils, we all collectively responsible for all happenings in our society. When will we wake from our slumber? The so called youth are busy in social ills, it is high time for all of us to become serious and take advanced measures to check these happenings. Otherwise it will be too late.

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