Clear confusions about Islam: Dy Mayor urges people

Clear confusions about Islam: Dy Mayor urges people
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Srinagar: Deputy Mayor Srinagar, Sheikh Mohammad Imran on Monday said that many Islamic terms are being misinterpreted by some sections of people. He urged people to clear confusions about Islam and not fall blindly prey to Islamaphobia.

“Islam is the complete way of life and teaches us humanity, peace but unfortunately these terms are being deliberately misinterpreted on the name of Islamaphobia,” Imran said in a statement issued here.

He said Muslims across the globe are being divided into different sects and divisions. He urged all Muslims across the world to use prefix Mujahid in front of their names and clear confusion about Islam.


“I am a Mujahid and it means one who is engaged in Jihad and a protector who strikes against evil and advocates truthfulness,” he said adding there is a vast difference between terrorism and Jihad.

“In western countries, the poison of Islamophobia has been spreading like fire. We have seen recently in New Zealand terror attack where 50 Muslims were martyred. Even in India, our children are being harassed on a daily basis,” Imran said.

Imran urged all Islamic scholars in Kashmir to deliver special lectures during Friday sermons on Jihad, Mujahid and other terminologies of Islam so that people will understand these terms clearly.

“We are being labelled as stereotypes and Islamic terms are being misinterpreted,” he said adding that from the Quran it has been proven and there is no need to add more modifications to it.

On the occasion, the statement said, several Islamic scholars highlighted the meaning of Mujahid according to Quran and saying of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). They said every Muslim is the Mujahid but very, unfortunately, the term has been wrongly interpreted in the world.

“Several times in Quran there is mention of doing Jihad and but unfortunately Studio’s hero’s does not know that,” scholars said adding that is the main cause of spreading hatred among the other religions of the world.