Rasheed accuses BJP, Congress of creating hate-mongering against Muslims to gain votes

Rasheed accuses BJP, Congress of creating hate-mongering against Muslims to gain votes
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Jammu: Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) chief Er Rasheed on Sunday accused BJP and Congress of creating hate-mongering against Muslims in an attempt to gain vote.
The statement issued here said: Appealing people of Udhampur parliamentary constituency not to pay heed to traditional and senseless arguments of congress and BJP, Rasheed said that Pakistan and Muslims are by no way threat to India’s sovereignty and interests.
“The hate mongering being done by BJP and the negative response shown by congress by creating hatred against Pakistan and Indian Muslims is just an attempt to get votes and by creating fear psychosis among ultra-nationalists – both the parties are causing a huge damage to India’s National interests,” he added.
Rasheed said: “Neither Pakistan nor the Muslims are threat to India’s sovereignty, but the politics of divide and rule and hatred is the biggest threat India is facing as a nation. It is unfortunate that millions of Muslims living in India have the identity crises and just to create and protect their respective vote banks, BJP and congress are always trying to keep the debate burning”.
Rasheed while accusing successive governments of neglecting far-flung areas especially Muslim dominated constituencies of Jammu province demanded white paper on funds allotted and spent on various schemes and projects in areas like Gool Gulabgrah, Mahore, Bhalesa, Banihal, Dooda, Ponch and Rajouri.
He said it should be kept in public domain so that the ugly face of traditional political parties is exposed. “Be it BJP, congress, NC or PDP – all these parties have done huge injustices to the population of these remote areas. Poor connectivity, lack of basic immunities like drinking water and electricity are yet a distant dream for the ill-fated population in these areas,” he stated.