For Ills like Drug Addiction Among the Youth, the Entire Society is Implicated. It’s Time for Course Correction!

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In this modern era, on one hand, the human race is at the peak of development. Besides the Moon, Mars has been grabbed under technology. New hopes and discoveries are emerging. Robotics technology is on the way to take place of human intervention. Artificial Intelligence is in a fast developing mode and much more to come at a faster rate. On the other hand, the future of mankind is at stake. The use of drugs, smoking, alcohol, bung and ganja, colored sugars has put society in deep slumber. The track is leading to disaster of the future generation besides the tension of nuclear weapons, wars and global conflicts. Morality has taken a vanishing mode. The long old traditional, social and cultural ethos has become a disgrace for the modern youth. Relations have lost their fervent and feeling. Even blood relations fade especially parental ones are losing their sanctity. Now old age homes are must to be established besides the western countries are establishing these from a long ago. It is a clear sign of moral bankruptcy. The women folk are at risk. The cases of domestic violence and rapes have become a daily routine. Flesh trade is at peak and there is no barrier of ages. Thus, the gap between the relations of human race and the animal race has come closer.
Now, the question that arises is: why the new generation is leaning towards this menace so quickly & easily? Is the young generation responsible? Are the drug addicts at fault? Are the parents and teachers responsible?
I think that the whole of our society especially policy makers are mostly responsible. Our education is not fulfilling the needs of the young. Our system is mal functional. We are scattered having individual selfish thoughts and deeds. We are in competition without worth. We are resourceful but having no access to utilize our resources. We are not dedicated to ourselves even. We have disowned our society, our own language, culture and all other traditions resulting in our divergent fragmented look on targets and aims.
We need effective education rather than literacy and degrees. The education system needs a priority which gives remedy to all aliments of social disorder. We need a work culture in society rather than our competing our lively hood for false egos. We need best policies to handle our backbone resources especially agriculture which can sufficiently feed the society.
The parents should not push their wards to become money making machines and forcefully make them to compete under stress. The teachers should not use tough rules and tactics to mount pressure on student performance which instead results in overloading of students capacity creating tension. The social stigma especially found in females compel the families to withstand the challenges of falsehood to maintain the decorum among others, yields nothing but betrayal. In all circumstances the people need to be handled with patience, sympathy and counseling.
Nowadays, it is not only the male youth indulging in this disaster but female youth also have followed the path an taken the lead. It is the super modern age and new methods of drugs have been discovered, by which the involved persons satisfy themselves. This leads to the physical as well as mental agony in the youth and gives rise to the crime rate in the society.
In reality the menace of drugs and other such abuses is the result of tension, anxiety, high competition for low resources, injustice, and lack of work culture, bribery, unemployment and frustration. These drawbacks lead the youth to use of drugs for relieving their burdens. Thus the drug addicts are not at fault but our wrong policies and faulty systems of the society push them to this menace of drugs.
We all have to think, plan and work together to end to this disaster!

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