To Achieve What You Want, Be Willing to Leave Your Comfort Zone!

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Aamir Ayoub Mir

My motive behind this short essay is to be able enough to make people believe in themselves and their abilities and to set a good example for people who look up to me like people who follow me, my cousins, my academic students and the general people of our society.
With the right mind set, I hope I can do and finish this target of having an impact or influence. Our education is the most important to us and a factor that helps us in getting further in life.
Knowledge is so diverse that the single human mind cannot comprehend it. But the only thing that can help us in this worldly life is the knowledge of things we are concerned with. Keep yourself keenly updated with factors that concern you rather than gossiping about useless things! No one can push you towards your dreams and goals; you need to have the will and determination to push yourself and realize your potential.
Never be amazed with something extraordinary others keep on achieving. Never keep the performance of others as the benchmark to judge yourself. It is their obligation to realize their own potential.
Your test lies whether you have been able to self actualize with respect to your own expectations. You have already succeeded if you have performed according to your expectations.
Things to keep in mind when working towards your goal need to be like:
“Be zealously willing to leave your comfort zone”
The greatest barrier in achieving your potential is your comfort zone. Great things happen when you make friends with your discomfort zone. This simply means to venture into places you are afraid of.
Train yourself to finish what you start. Many of us become scattered in our actions and out of context as we try to accomplish tasks. So better than doing a lot of things with half the heart, try to complete a single task with your best efforts.
Never be a pushover, rather be a person to take the initiative that is in the best interest of the society and the people that are around you.
The biggest obligation on us as humans is our ‘societal obligation’. What we do for our society collectively determines the condition of our society. Never be the person to criticize your society, but stand up and be the pioneer to make it correct rather than whining about it.

—The author holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Kashmir. He is NET qualified and is doing a PhD in Financial Management and can be reached at: