In 9 years, over 9000 killed in accidents in J&K

In 9 years, over 9000 killed in accidents in J&K
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108 dead in first two months of 2019

Srinagar: Traffic accidents have killed over 9000 people in Jammu and Kashmir in the last nine years, official data has revealed. Also, in the first two months of this year, 108 deaths have taken place in 749 accidents in the state.
As per the data available on the official website of Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police, 9,234 have been killed in 55,491 traffic accidents since 2010 till February 2019. Also, 77,182 people have been injured in the traffic accidents.
In the first two months of this year, 749 accidents have taken place in J&K, in which 108 people were killed and 971 injured.
In 2018, 5978 accidents took place, in which 984 were killed and 7845 injured.
In 2017, 926 people were killed and 7419 injured in 5624 traffic accidents.
Similarly, in 2016, in the total 5501 accidents recorded across J&K, 958 people were killed and 7677 injured.
In 2015, 5836 accidents took place in the state, in which 917 people were killed and 8142 injured.
In 2014, 5861 accidents were recorded across the state, in which 992 people were killed and 8043 injured.
In 2013, 6469 traffic accidents were recorded across the state. 990 people were killed while 8681 injured.
Likewise, in 2012, in 6709 accidents, 1165 people were killed and 9755 injured.
In 2011, 1121 people were killed and 9994 injured in 6644 accidents.
In 2010, J&K recorded 6120 number of traffic accidents, in which 1073 people were killed and 8655 injured.