Nothing is Permanent in Life but Resilience Helps

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Ashiq Hussain Itoo

Life is all about the dynamics of troughs and crests, twists and turns and ups and downs. A time-tested strategy and blueprint is to widen the territory of heart and embrace life in all its totality encompassing the diverse beauty of euphoria and radiance on the one hand and despondency, despair and melancholy on the other.
Nature manifests the qualities of beauty, generosity, jubilation, compassion, kindness and ecstasy at alternate intervals but at the same time it Manifests cruelty, ferocity and barbarism. So the beauty and violence are hand in glove with each other in the drama of existence.
The descendant of Adam succumbs to the hard times and is blind to the summer after every winter although there is unequivocal succession of one to the other. This premature surrender to the tyrannous times takes a toll on the mental health of the individual, in particular, and the collective health of the society, in general.
There are certain pre-requisites to live a disciplined life as a human being. One of these is to withstand the dissonant, unharmonious and dictatorial times with all possible strength and vigour and develop an intellectual eye to forecast the momentary and temporal nature of life, in general, and its questions, in particular.
When a person arrives at the essence of things coming across, he sees things turn to rust though being hardest substances and simultaneously things going favourable which used to go the other way round. This is how one turns to be generous and remains in the servitude of humanity.
Feeding children with a golden spoon might crush the spirit of resilience and lead a way to crumble down to the harshest challenges and forgetting the essential spirit of piety. Unless there is a day, there is no night. This theory of polarisation suggests that you are bound to dwell in the world of ecstasy after a long and dark jungle of gloom provided you see a world of eternity in the temporal things and simultaneously keep your spirits high to construct the tranquil world in the heart of hearts.
P B Shelly’s poetic line is apt here as he says: if winter comes, can spring be far behind? There is nothing of permanent stature in this world. If you encounter green and salad days, they are there to be enjoyed for a shortest span of time as time doesn’t stop at beloved moments. Clock ticks on to the darkened shadows of the gloom after a blissful journey. An orthodox believer in God crumbles in the worst times and sees his faith penetrated and adulterated. But, a lover of God enjoys the conflict of choice and chance, fate and freewill, luck and hard work and above all despair and rejuvenation.

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