People’s issues completely ignored: Irfan Naqib

People’s issues completely ignored: Irfan Naqib
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SRINAGAR: District Congress Committee (DCC) Srinagar president Irfan Naqib on Thursday said the important public issues have been completely ignored as official machinery was busy in election related activities.
In a statement issues here, Naqib said the common people were hankering for basic amenities but the government has “failed” to deliver.
“The condition of roads across Kashmir has worsened, but it seems the government is least bothered about repairing it. The payments of contractors have been stopped which has resulted in boycott of developmental works by them,” he said.
“Daily wagers and casual labourers working in various government departments were without wages for months together. Hospitals have poor facilities and lack basic amenities, posing hurdles to not just patient care but also to doctors and other staff posted there,” he added.
The Congress leader said work in government offices has almost come to a standstill as most of the officers are busy with election related work. Holding election is important, but it should not be done at the cost of ignoring the people, he said.
Urging Governor to order the administration to provide at least basic amenities to the people, Naqib said, “Summer is about to begin in Kashmir which is the main season for developmental works. It is high time that government settles the issue of payments with contractors and macadamise roads which have turned into potholes at most of the places.”
“Similarly, the administration should ensure to release the wages of poor daily wagers and casual labourers as they are suffering immensely. The government must also take care of hospitals where patients are in dire need of help,” he demanded.