Male officials should check burqa-clad women’s identity: BJP MP

Male officials should check burqa-clad women’s identity: BJP MP
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Lucknow: Stoking a controversy, BJP MP from Muzaffarnagar Sanjeev Baliyan Thursday demanded that male officials should check the identity of burqa-clad women at poll stations where women personnel have not been posted.

Speaking to reporters in Muzaffarnagar, Baliyan said, “If someone comes in a burqa, whether the same person is coming four or five times, how will you check”.

“Without checking the face, how can you allow anyone to cast vote,” he asked.


“There were no women constables. If there is such a long queue of women voters and there is no woman official in the polling party, then male officials should check “the BJP leader said.

Reacting to it, UP Chief Electoral Officer L Venkateshwarlu told PTI that women officials have been deployed to ascertain identity of women voters.

“Already there is a mechanism in place that district magistrates have deployed women officials to ascertain the identity of female voters. Wherever there are burqa-clad women voters, women poll officials are posted to ascertain their identity,” he said.

The Congress slammed Baliyan for his remarks.