A Piece of Paradise on Planet Earth

A Piece of Paradise on Planet Earth
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Lone Altaf

To cherish the onset beauty of spring, people of this valley, state and other states along with foreigners make it possible to have a glimpse of tulips in our tulip garden. It is the largest tulip garden in Asia spread over an area of about 30 hectares. And has a captivating aura on the foothills of Zabarwan range with an aim to boost the tourism in Kashmir valley. This garden consists of seven terraces that makes it really heaven on this planet earth. Apart from tulips, other species of flowers have been added which makes it more beautiful.
Every year, it opens at the end of the March and the festivity remains almost 20 to 25 days. Thousands of locals as well as non locals throng towards this sublime garden to enjoy and celebrate their joyous moments. Despite least surviving days of tulips, every most don’t miss the opportunity to have a glimpse of this most beautiful place on planet earth. The major attraction here is the large variety of tulips found in thousands of numbers. The sight is heavenly during the full bloom season with all shades of the rainbow scattered on the fields of this garden.
Kashmir valley is considered to be the paradise on earth and this garden is part of that paradise. So imagine how the other parts of this valley would be. Most locals choose Sunday as the visiting day, which makes it the most busiest place and people enjoy with their family members. Despite the ban on National highway for two days, thousands of people change their routes to have a glimpse of this beautiful and charming garden. The main aim of this beautiful garden was to boost the floriculture and tourism sector early spring in the valley which could have initially had a good impact on revenue generation and as well as the continuation of tourism season for the long term.
Tourism, considered as the most visible asset of Jammu and Kashmir’s economy, has been pushed to a cold dark corner, where things are going from bad to worse as the situation in the valley remains tense. Now, the recent ban on NH-1 for two days, would impact directly our tourism sector. This would affect our daily life and other sectors or sections like education, heath, employees, labourers too.. The administration, which is spending huge money to advertise Kashmir and trying to get it back on the regional and global tourist map, has not managed any notable success till date. Now they should think about this draconian ban and revoke this order immediately to help this deserved sector of our region and the people of valley, in particular.

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