The Streets of Parraypora: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

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Mufti Jameel Farooq

My mother who was no less than the grand patriarch of our family would shout on me a Kashmiri proverb “Moji wohwan chum ni keh, gobra wati peth beh dah kadnai dah wohwoh”( Mother no one abuses me ? Go my son, and sit at the road side then shower of abuses may fall) during my childhood whenever I would do something wrong. She was very much ardent and would follow the doctrine that children must be taught the lesson whenever they do anything wrong as she held a strong belief that children once spoiled can never be brought on track. She had a good grip on the formative stage of a child and would often say this is the only delicate time for both; parents as well as children ,in which they can develop their kids into very well brought human beings or very wild beasts”
Never an instance has passed since my childhood, when either of my parent has not beaten me up like run away convict or taught me the lesson as a punishment if I do anything wrong. My parents always believed in teaching and framing a child in a way that could render service to humanity and live a life for a cause as says, William Ralph Emerson, “Not gold but only men can make, a people great and strong; men who for truth and honour’s sake stand fast and suffer long.”Acknowledging the fact during that time it would sound very weird and step motherly conduct from my parents but today I realise what that punishment meant and what I got from that and how that groomed me to become a human being.
Since the last two weeks, social media is abuzz, be that on ‘Ticktock’ or Facebook, a weird fight seems taking toll, which has gone viral. Verbal brawls between village boys and city Boys, which heats day in and day out seems becoming a threat to harmony. The lads seem so much morally tainted and sullied thatthey leave no stone unturned to abuse and tarnish each other. To my best knowledge the combat emerged from the two rap songs, one which was sung by a kid from Nowgam by-pass and the other sung by a Young Turk from Bandipora. Either of them have made a video on Paraypora Streets which is viral on ‘YouTube’.
The Street which they call a posh area and strangely the hub of education, where every adolescent from every crook and corner of Kashmir comes to enrol with unsung dream in his pocket, the dream of becoming a future engineer, a doctor and a civil servant. Most students who take coaching at Paraypora are the students of 11th& 12th Med & Non Med.
Paraypora, which always hums for education has a history of being in limelight, ironically not for quality best education but for girl harassment cases, exploitation and immoral activities. The place in news has crossed all the limits of moral dilapidation and shabbiness.
What stands the severe concern is that despite many incidents which took place at Paraypora Srinagar, the administration appears has downrightly flunked to safeguard the students, especially girl students who are enrolled or were enrolled in different coaching centres there. I’m testimony to the fact that whenever I visit the place, I see many lollygaggers, loafers, layabouts and drifterd hounding and soaring in their cars and bikes around the girls to pass comments, to annoy and to harass them.
On 03, May 2009, Rumana, daughter of Dr Subhan of Bagh -i –Mehtab, was crushed to death by a speedy car, in which were those loafers who were trying to woo her. On January 2, 2013, a school teacher was attacked with an acid by a youth identified as Riyaz Ahmad. Apart from that there are so many grave misconducts which are taking place at Paraypora Srinagar which are but unheard or out of hype thus get buried without proper cremation.
Now philosophizing the issue and saying that every teenage must ponder and consider every second girl as his sister, which our religion propounds and promulgates; would sound a sweet fallacy for me, since every second person is different from the other person and we cannot expect everyone to be Godly and sanctified; as every person is reared with respect to his family values.
Now what stands the present question is then how can we bring the overturned track on the right track? There might be diverse opinions; some would say only religious teachings can stop this moral depredation or other would say only thinking would change it, although, respecting either opinion I would say stringent rules need to be enforced from the administration in the form deployment of police round the corners of these coaching institutes. Victims need to come forward to lodge complaint if they face any harassment. Moreover the offenders must be punished publicly, if possible streamed live so that they won’t dare to commit the crime again. The punishment for women harassment must be extended, then is it possible to make our sisters and daughters roam freely in the lanes or on the streets; be that for education or any other reason, otherwise the time seems near where it looks that Peer-i- Vaer might not touch the standards of Delhi.
I humbly request to every villager as well as city residents that the time is not to fight with each other but is to be concerned and fight unitedly against this nuisance and menace which otherwise will come as a tsunami and shall take away all the pearls form our lockers.
As they say , ‘A Stitch on Time Saves Nine’

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