The Drug Menace has Assumed Alarming Proportions. It Must be Curbed Now!

The Drug Menace has Assumed Alarming Proportions. It Must be Curbed Now!
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Tahir Mushtaq

Drug addiction has become a gross nuisance particularly among teenagers in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a disease that affects the brain and behavior of a person. Drug addiction is becoming alarming in our society; we are going astray and we don’t even realize that. From Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opium and alcohol youth are also hooked towards excessive use of substances like Synthetic resin, painkillers, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers. Despite knowing its negative consequences the number of drug addicts is increasing day by day and in long-run narcotics make fusion with the brain and blood that promotes escalating drug use, hence making it difficult to quit.
The alarming rate of drug consumption among youngsters has become major issue which needs to be tackled. A survey by United Nations International Drug Control Programme there are about 70,000 drug addicts in Kashmir valley, out of which 31 percent were women. Abusing drugs can leave you feeling helpless, isolated, or ashamed and , we, as a society need to take immediate steps to curb the growing nuisance.
Among the factors that increase the risk of drug use are the easy accessibility to many substances such as alcohol and tobacco. Kashmir has been volatile for last several decades, and a lot number of youth have turned to drugs that have been affected by the turmoil in the state but this is not the only reason. The kind of psychological trauma developed which needs escaping from, Influence of a friend circle, some experiment with recreational drugs out of curiosity, and environment can greatly affect a person’s likelihood of drug use and addiction. These reasons are compounded by the easy supply of money available to children by parents.
More worrying is that the banned drugs are openly sold in market; the administration is not doing enough to launch a crackdown on drug peddlers. These drugs can be arranged just on a phone call. It becomes necessary for parents to keep an eye on their children and talk to them about drug abuse, additions and its consequences, mostly if they are hoteliers. If you find out that your child uses drugs it is important that you treat them with love and honor, anger can further escalate the situation. Explain your concerns and give them all the possible help they need. If your loved ones are into drugs talk to the person about your concerns, and offer your help and support without being judgmental. Don’t wait for your loved one to hit a low.
Drug addiction is both preventable and treatable. Education and outreach is a key in helping people understand the possible risks of drug use. Prevention is one of the most important factors in the fight against drugs, especially in the adolescent stage. Raising awareness among adolescents, through their direct environment or prevention campaigns, of the risks involved in drug use is very important to prevent them from consuming. In addition to the influence of the environment, schools, colleges, institutes and other educational centers also play a fundamental role in prevention. These prevention programs work to boost protective factors and eliminate or reduce risk factors for drug use. When young people view drug use as harmful; they tend to decrease their drug taking. Teachers and parents have crucial roles in educating young people and preventing drug use or addiction and together we can make a drug free Kashmir.

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